Thirty Days of Projects

Hard to believe that it has been three years since I started this blog.
It started as documentation for thirty days of projects that my sister and I were racing to get done for Christmas in 2008.
So, in honor of that three year anniversary,
and because I need some motivation to get all these projects done,
I am going to try it again.
List in hand,
and to be fair there are 45 things on the list,
Let the thirty days begin.
At the end I will have a giveaway.
Forty six things on the list.
These little pennies are part of one project.
A bit agressive to try to finish,
I want it for the center of this table.

I am counting this sign as
Number one.
I painted this years ago and weather and time has played it's part on it.

Freshened up in time for hunting season.

One down,
twenty nine to go.

Anyone want to come along!
They don't have to all be craft projects.
A lot of mine are household things that need done before the holidays also.
Link in and follow along!
If you do thirty projects also,
I'll even send you a little surprise!
Forty Seven!

Here is the link to the first time that I did this.


Don't think I have enough time to finish that many projects and do my orders too....but oh how I wish I did because there are many, many sitting here partially worked on.

I love the pennies you have waiting to be made into a runner! Love the colors.

I commend you for setting this goal.
Good luck kiddo.

Christine said…
I think it's a great way to motivate yourself and get lots done!

I'll see what I can do!
Best wishes
Laurie said…
I'm going to try Cathy, I have so many projects that need done, many household like cleaning each of the closets, my least favorite. I think this is the motivation I need to get some of these done! Good luck to you with your list, anxious to see how you do!!
TheCrankyCrow said…
You go girl....Wish I could join you, but then I'd have to photograph, post, and right now, I'm too busy chasing my tail....Best of luck to you - will peek in and check in on your progress as I can (and feel guilty....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Gayle said…
I've been working on a penny rug too - I look forward to seeing your projects!
Wow Cath: You are one ambitious lady...have fun with it all...
Patti ;)
Wow, you are ambitious for sure! I have no doubt you will get them all done!