Twelve through Seventeen

For those of you following along,
there was this aggressive, impulsive moment
when I thought I could do
thirty projects in thirty days.
Everything started off great,
but somewhere along the line,
I got way behind.
Trying to get back on track.
12. Decorating the church, check!
13. The Stewart plaque in the previous post, check.
14. The other name plaque that I cannot show, check.
15. The coffee pot above, check.

16.  This snowman board, check.

17. Garren's stocking.

Not to worry,
18, 19, and 20 are laying on the living room floor in various
stages of completion.
Stockings for the rest of Garren's family.
that being said,
I have 13 projects to go
nine days!

To be fair,
part of the things that I wanted to do involved
Christmas decorating
and since I have new carpet coming on Friday,
and since half the house
needs moved to the other half of the house.
Decorating seemed senseless.

back to work today. 
Shouldn't I feel more refreshed and ready to go?
Lottery, I have to go and play that lottery.
I like staying home way too much!


Wow! You go girl! I love 12-17! Here's hoping for that lottery win. I long to be able to stay home and still have $ coming in!!
LibbiesHome said…
You are amazing! I can't believe all the beautiful things you create in such a short time frame!
I am a love to stay at home girl, too, so I know what you mean about playing the lottery. :)
And if that snowman board is for sale I want to buy it - really!!
Love your newest projects. I can't believe how fast you can create an item. I'm all for winning the lottery. I guess I better buy a ticket first, Lol! Have a wonderful week.
Jiminy! You pack alot into your days! Wonderful items ... they are beautiful.
TheCrankyCrow said…
I have no doubt you'll finish your projects and then some...You're my wonder woman! Loving your latest "dones"....Hmmmm...I never got the other two hooked stockings done for my boys....How are you at hooking??? ;o) (JUST KIDDING!) Hope your week is off to a great start....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
jennifer768 said…
Wowsers you don't set small goals do you??? I no that there is no way I could get a project finished a day.Love the beautiful things that you have created.Hugs,Jen
justducky65 said…
Such beautiful work. I found your blog while Googling Smicksburg a while back and have been reading along for a little while now. I too am in PA north of Pittsburgh, so it's nice to find some local blogs and yours is always very interesting.