Christmas Stockings

And two more items off my thirty day list.
Ok, my thirty projects in thirty days ends tomorrow.
Obviously, this is not a success story.
But still, there are twenty-two items done.
The glass is half full!
Finished these last two yesterday.

Pressed, Steamed
and ready to go.

These were not hard,
just time consuming.
Why didn't I make them last January?

Found these little beads for the tree trunks.

And these tiny little jingle bells.

And a bigger jingle bell at the hanger.
Plastic rings, crocheted around for the hangers.

All made out of the "Stash"
It pays to be a hoarder.
It pays to be a hoarder.
It pays to be a hoarder.
C'mon, sing it with me people!


Those stockings came out wonderful!
You are very talented!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Christmas Blessings,
I'm singing along!! Your stockings are coming out beautifully! Those buttons are perfect for the trees.
Love your stockings, Cathy. Thay all turned out beautiful.
annie said…
Those are wonderful, good for you!
Sheila said…
The stockings turned out beautifully and what a nice keepsake for everyone!
It does pay to be a hoarder-sometimes ;-) As a crafter of most everything, my basement looks like I'm a hoarder too. Told hubby to leave it all alone it's valuable supplies!!!
Have a good one.
TheCrankyCrow said…
These are adorable Cathy! So much detail wow - and your stitching is incredible! So precise!!! How do get the names on there so perfectly??? (And, hey - where did you learn my theme song???) ;o) Happy, happy, Wednesday! Wish I could say I got 22 things done......Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Adorable stockings!
I love the detail too.
frontporchprims said…
I am amazed you got so much stuff done in thirty days. I love the "stash" stockings. They will be loved and cherished. -Steph-
Love the stockings. Your song....tell my daughter that!!!! When she was home over Thanksgiving, I was told how messy their bedrooms are!!!! They don't live here anymore, I don't know why she was ranting?????