Grandma's Jewel Tea Dishes

Last night, these all got washed and polished up.
My grandmother's Jewel Tea dishes,
Bits and Pieces of a set,
many of them chipped,
but such a nice keepsake of my Grandma's.
My Dad's father passed away at a very young age.
My grandmother was left with a
12 year old boy and a 10 year old girl to raise
in the 1940's when
single motherhood was not the norm.
She became a nurse
and raised them.
Later she would remarry,
later she would develop
what would seem now to be a
very early form of Alzheimer's Disease.
Long before any of us had ever heard of that disease,
she slipped away from us.
I was only 13 when she died.
She was in her early 60's.
I have so few memories of her when she was healthy.
Those that I have,
I cherish.
She loved to garden and was a beautiful quilter.
I can remember helping her with her flowers
I remember her reading to me in a seat in a rose arbor in her backyard.
After she passed away, my step-grandfather remarried.
His new wife never allowed us to have anything of Grandma's.
So the only thing of hers that I ever had was the baby quilt that she made for me.
My mom called one day.
She was cleaning out her basement and she wondered if I wanted this
old box of dishes that had been Grandma's.
If not, she was "putting them at the curb."
The GARBAGE curb.
After a couple of questions, I realized what she had.
She thought that was what they were.
Can you tell that Mom does not frequent antique shops?

Excited, was not the word when I realized that they were still around.
And so they became mine.
I love to look at them,
chips and all.
I think of how she must have collected them little by little,
from the Jewel Tea man.
I wonder how she displayed them.
Some of them, the more utilitarian,
are well used.
The casserole dish has been in the oven many times.
The every day sugar bowl is very worn,
the lid is gone for the good sugar bowl.
So many stories in those dishes.
I wish I knew them all.

You can read more about Jewel Tea

This was Logan last night
enjoying the new carpet.
He has not been feeling the best and
Jenn and Chris
had a trip to town planned.

Logan didn't seem to mind staying with me,
Tyler loved his time alone with Mom and Dad.
Everybody's happy.
Well, until Logan started to look a little green.
and said he was sick(er)
I am not going to lie.
I rushed that little body to the bathroom so fast.
I know my first thoughts should have been,
"Oh, poor little boy, I feel so bad that you are sick.'
But, I am going to be honest here.
My first thoughts were,
"Get him off the new carpet before he pukes!"
No sense lying.

Plans for the day include
reclaiming my house,
hopefully decorating.
Hope that everyone has a great weekend!


Hi Cathy,
Oh what a treasure...I guess our parents really didn't care about this kind of thing. I know my grandmother had the entire set and when she passed away I think each of the kids got bits and pieces of it but if I remember right mom thought it was nice at the time but didn't put a 'value' on it...then my sister got the few pieces mom had...and as per her life style she put them in a storage locker with many, many other treasures - fell back on the rent fees and lost it all. I could brain her for this kind of stupidity but I guess it's just STUFF...but to those of us who value these kinds of treasures it's a huge loss.
Wonderful family heirloom~ a terrific collection~ your Grandma sounds like a very amazing lady~enjoyed reading your memories~ so glad you were able to get some of her items so they can be cherished~
Catherine said…
Oh I loved this post! How wonderful that you were able to recover a piece of your Grandmother's things. I'll have to click the link, as I've never heard of these dishes.

So sorry to hear that Logan didn't feel well. I had to laugh about your "thoughts" on the matter - I think many of us would have reacted the same! I hope he's feeling all better!
TheCrankyCrow said…
What bittersweet memories to go with those wonderful dishes. I never knew my grandmother or grandfather on my father's side; and my grandmother on my mother's side had so many "grands" there aren't any keepsakes. So glad they went to someone who values them for what they are....Your carpeting is lovely - but yikes, I took my coffee in the other room before I finished reading this - I thought for sure you were going to tell us that the new carpet had been "initiated...." ;o) Have a great weekend....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Great post, I enjoyed reading about some of your history. I admit I wasn't thrilled about the part with your step-grandma. :( But I am so glad you got those dishes, a scary thought to think where they could have ended up.

About the carpet, I would have done the same thing! Hope he's okay though.

Have fun reclaiming and decorating. :)

Christmas blessings!
Oh what beautiful dishes! And what a wonderful post on the history of your grandmother owning them.
Sorry to hear that Logan is sick. I was thinking the same thing, Oh my word, he's going to be sick on the new carpeting!! Lol!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Laurie said…
How awesome Cathy! What a beautiful collection, to think it almost ended at the dump! Glad you got such a great family heirloom. The same thing happened when my husbands uncle remarried, and his new wife got all the antiques and heirlooms, and wouldn't part with any of them. Her daughter got everything, and she's not even a relative. I don't know what possesses some people. Hope the little guy is feeling better!
Sorry to hear Logan's sick, but I too, would have done the same thing.

Never heard of Jewel Tea dishes either. I don't even remember a Jewel Tea man comin' round. Now the Fuller Brush Man...heard of him!!! Glad you got the dishes.

Angela said…
The thought of all those pretty (and expensive) dishes put out by the curb would have been a disaster. I am so glad your Mom gave you a chance to claim them. My grandmother had several pieces but when Mother went to the nursing home I gave them to Kathy. (the girl Mother raised). I wanted to Fire King Green dishes so we compromised. You have such wonderful pieces. Hoping that poor grand feels better today. Love the carpet. Have a great weekend.
lostmemory said…
Hi,I featured you on my blog. thank you very much for your good work. check it out here.

Great Jean recycle projects
annie said…
Hope the little fellow gets better quickly. I loved your dish story, so much family history in apiece of crockery! Great save on the carpet, I would have run too!
Allison said…
Love those dishes, I've never heard of Jewel tea dishes before, thanks for sharing.
I was antiquing one day in Springfield Ohio when I saw this lady with her husband FREAKING OUT in a booth. She apparently had found that set of dishes and was so excited she was jumping up and down squeeling. LOL! It was adorable. He husband was pretty happy too so he must like them too. There were hundreds of piece sin the set she found and it was marked really cheap. No wonder it mad eher day.

Your set is beautiful! I'm glad you saved it!

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