A Green Post, not the Eco-Friendly Kind

I like green.
Green pottery
Green Osage Oranges

Green on the edge of this yard sale find plate

Green on the cabbage dish that Shelby hates.

Green on a painting that I made.

Green is adorable on this little guy.

Green is perfect on this penny rug pillow.

And this painted oil can.

I love finding these green dishes.

This suitcase is a very special piece given to me
by a very nice friend.
I think of you, Kim, when I look at it.

Green buttons on this Christmas pillow

Green Christmas wall hanging my Mom made for me.

Even green lights on the tree.

A green flour sifter.

And this box painted for me by Lesley.

Even some green on this purse.

And the ONE green item in my closet.

and some green jewelry even.

So you might say.

Wow, you really like green,
even your new carpet is green.

You have lots of green.


a few weeks ago my PURPLE cell phone case broke.
JWS was going to town.

I asked him to find another cell phone case for me.

He SPECIAL ordered one for me.

Really, how nice you say.....


It is THIS color of green!

Not a fan....
It is not pretty,
It is not feminine,
I don't really even think it is cool
as he calls it.

It is just way too green.

The nice people at the store said,
"Do you want to pay for this or bill it to your husband's account?"

Bill it!


This was a very cute post about the color green and I love your cell phone. The best picture was of that cutie pie in his PJ's.

Christmas Blessings,
Your post is too fun tonite!! I like green myself...probably my favorite color...but don't we have many a favorite color? I simply can't choose!
Laurie said…
You had me til the phone! I totally agree, on his bill!
green is my fav color too! I do love the green case...looks like a jewel color-emerald!! I think it's for a girl...hehehe!!
Loved all your favorite greens!!!
Green (what did you call them) oranges???? I never heard of them!
Loved the little man in green ~ but I think he would be a cutie in any color!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Prim Blessings
Danice said…
I love the color green, it is my favorite, especially the kelly and hunter greens. I love the dishes and the wall hanging, and the little box, and the cell phone case, too. It is all very pretty :)
Lol! Okay Cathy, this is way too funny because I ended up with the same green case! This is my story..
I get a new phone a couple months ago, and you get a free case/cover whatever you call it, with the phone. Needless to say the only cover they have left is a white one,(not happy) but I take it cuz' it's free! After a few weeks, this white case is sooo dirty (my 10 yr old loves to play angry birds on my phone) that it won't come clean. So I go to buy a new case and they have ugly ones, I mean ugly with stars and circles and really? this is all you have? So I tell him I want a green one and he shows me a picture, okay order it. A week later he calls me up to come get it. I walk in the store and (it's the same green case you just showed us), Lol! really this is not the green one I ordered, I know he says. well I don't like it I said. So I ended up going to the mall and getting a different one. Not in green though, in a metallic hot pink.