Last two painting orders!

Jumping for Joy!
Doing the Happy Dance!
Whatever you want to call it.
My painting orders are DONE! 

I knew that this stable was coming,
Had no idea what it was going to look like...
A gift for a little girl that is into everything horses.
Her Mom had asked if I would paint it.
Then it arrived!
And it is BIG!
Really BIG!
These pics were taken in
JWS's garage.

Which sort of turned into Santa's workshop for a few days.

I should have stood by it for the pics.
For scale.
It is sitting on an eight foot table and I had to stand and reach to get
to the top of the roof.
They are going to varnish it and finish the inside.
Her initials are
so I made it personalized on the door.

And this sled
that has stumped me for some reason...
is now also

Let the holidays begin! 

even managed to fix the stove enough that we could have two burners
to limp through

I'll be making food tonight for the party on Saturday!


Balisha said…
Isn't that a wonderful feeling. I remember those days of painting...when I would paint almost up to Christmas Eve. I have to admit, I was a little tired of Christmas decorations before Christmas even got here.You always do such beautiful work. Now just relax :)
Teresa said…
That's the nicest stable I have seen. Love the sled. I am sure it is a nice feeling to have all your orders done.
Don't forget to have fun at the party.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Christine said…
Oh wow! That little girl is going to be soooo thrilled for the stables you painted are awesome!
And I LOVE the sled too!
Well done for finishing up!
Merry Christmas
The stable is gorgeous!! What a lucky little girl. Love the sled too! Have fun at your party, thank Heavens for hubby's who'll rig up the stove some for ya! :)

Merry Christmas!
TheCrankyCrow said…
I think you saved the best for last my friend - these two pieces are absolutely amazing! What a lucky little girl that one is going to Now let the panic and mayhem begin!! ;o) Smiles & Holiday Hugs ~ Robin
jennifer768 said…
Now that is one lucky little girl!Love how the stable and the sled came out.So glad that you are finished and now can rest a day or so .Okay I know that the rest is probably far fetched with Christmas around the corner but it is my wish for you.LOL! Hugs,Jen
Sheila said…
as you know I have a few pieces of your work and love them all, BUT these two take the cake my friend! I can see the horse stable becoming and heirloom someday, such a lucky little girl and the sled? Well, mine is old and worn and guess it will stay that way-to big to mail to you to whip your magic on it! Now, I hope you get to enjoy some time to yourself and your family.
hugz to ya~
Pretty~ oh, so pretty love the sled~
acorn hollow said…
such a wonderful gift for a child this christmas.
now is the time to enjoy
annie said…
I don't know about the little girl, but I just love it! The sled is great too! So happy for you, done! That is a wonderful four letter word! Merry Christmas!
Laurie said…
Good for you Cathy! Love the barn and sled, I still am so far from finished. Everything with my mother, it's hard concentrating on anything else.
Angela said…
You are one talented lady my friend. I so love the stable. You did it just right. I can imagine how happy one little girl will be Christmas morning. Love the sled also. Enjoy your party. You deserve it. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend.
Such wonderful creations!!!
That little girl is going to love that stable!!!
Oh my gosh I fell in love with that snowman sled!!!
Just wonderful!
Prim Blessings
What a gorgeous stable. That little girl is gonna be sooo happy.
And the snowman sled is adorable!
I soooo Love your creations.
Be watching your mailbox for a little package from me!
Enjoy your weekend, Cathy!