Last Yard Sale of the Year

Ok, I am showing you the mess first.
And for all those little thumbnail pics that come up,
yes, this is the BEFORE pic.

Moving Sale
I found this chest.
The drawers move in and out easily.
Perfect for the
Aforementioned Mess.
But really rough and dirty.
So I scrubbed.

Way too bright!
too bright!

So, I found more paint....

And made more of a mess.

And then drybrushed white all over it.

Still not exactly what I was after,
January is coming
and I'll have more time,
But for now...


oh I love the dresser. have you tried that chalk paint yet?
TheCrankyCrow said…
Looks pretty dog-gone good to me....and awfully dang organized!!! Oh - to have a sewing room - hmmmm, even just a cupboard or dresser for my things.....Enjoy!! Happy, happy, Monday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
I can't believe you used those little bottles of paint to paint that big dresser!!!! BUT, it looks nice in the pic and sure did clean up the mess!!!! lol
Organization is what I need, Lol!
I like the idea of using a dresser. Thanks for sharing!
Balisha said…
What a find and clever you! My sewing things are in room for more furniture. I'm thinking shelves on the walls to hold the baskets...You make me want to organize.
frontporchprims said…
Looks so pretty and organized. Just in time for the holidays. Good job. -Steph-