Lots of Wool!

How fun is this Christmas present?
Well, at least for me it was!
Mom was stumped as to what to get me,
She haunts all these quilt shops all the time
and tells me about all the wool that they have.
I told her that I would always take wool.
And this is what she came up with!
Lucky for me,
the shop had a half your age discount that day,
let's just say,
got a pretty good discount!
I have a hard time cutting into "real" wool.
Not so hard when it comes from the thrift shop.
Like this...

Two days before Christmas,
found me sliding through
running my hands along the skirt racks.
Sure love to find a nice wool skirt.
There is so much wool in them,
and they are easy to cut up.
I saw this jacket.
I don't buy jackets,
but this was too good to pass up.

Christmas week,
I made these for each of the girls.
They were in my mind for weeks,
but there was just no time.
They are candle mats,
the candle sits on the bottom.
Well, you get the picture.

Also, the week before Christmas
in a weak moment,
Jenn and I
and these four
headed to Pittsburgh
to see the lights.
Not the ratio of adult to child that I normally like,
but hey,
it's not as if we were getting them out of the car.
They would be strapped down the whole time.
we had nothing for their mouths.
and those two innocent looking ones in the back.
The six year old
and the
two year old.
the whole way home.
That little one is a lot like her mother.
How fun!

A quick Christmas present finished at the last minute. 
Kendall had been with me at the fabric store and wanted this material.  
And a snap purse for Marilyn to fit her checkbook
and stuff.

A hat for Gracelyn
with interchangeable flowers.
Didn't get a pic of those though.

Sunset Christmas evening.
We celebrate our family Christmas on another day
and this year it was Monday.
JWS and I ran to the shop to get the newspaper on Christmas
and this was the sunset.
Certainly doesn't look like December


Yummy wool. What a great gift! Love the hat and the little clutch purse.
Happy New Year!
Trace4J said…
Morning Friend
What a great gift from your mom. I just love all the wool. And that jacket..What a cool find.
ANd the sweeties in the van are so precious.
Have a great day!
Lovin those snowmen too.
Woolie Stitches,

acorn hollow said…
What wonderful wool. you are a crafter of all things for sure. such wonderful gifts.
LibbiesHome said…
I wouldn't have passed that jacket up, either! Lot's of possibilities from that one. :) The wool from your Mom is
such a nice assortment, too! Can't wait to see projects from those. :)
Love the gifts, love that sunset picture. Thanks for sharing!
Catherine said…
Great wool, great gifts, and great times!
frontporchprims said…
That wool is beautiful. I never thought about finding wool items at GW and then cutting them up. That's a fabulous idea!!! I know all about hauling kids in the car. You can never, never, forget the snacks. What great homemade Christmas gifts. I love the hat especially as I have three little girls of my own. They would love a hat like that. Thanks for the idea. -Steph-
Sheila said…
Your Mom sure hit the jackpot on the wool, awesome! I've recently acquired to wool jackets to cut up (fabric in one of the light boxes is one)and I'm hoping to build a stash so I can attempt to make some pretties. Just need to get the cutting part down first!
Your hand mades are always so inspirational Cathy!
Oh, and we don't have any snow either. Our yard has been brown for a long time.
Have a good New Years!
I don't cut up a lot of my wool....I just love to look at it and touch it. Is that BAD???? lol But it's so pretty isn't it?
I can just hear the chatter in your car...lol Too fun!
Happy New Year.
annie said…
Love all the colors! Love that jacket! Cute kiddos, straps bring out the bear in all of the, you just gotta to feed them to keep down the roar! I love that little brown hat!
I love the snowman candle mats, Cathy! Cute idea. And getting all that wool for Christmas, that's a great gift!
Balisha said…
I have really enjoyed following your blog to see all of your creations.What a wonderful gift from your Mom. Those woolens are beautiful. Have a Happy New Year!
What a wonderful gift from your mom. I don't know a whole lot about wool, except that it's Beautiful. LOOOOVE those snowman candle mats. You are so creative. Your grandchildren are adorable. Love the hat, too. Have a wonderful day!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Did somebody say WOOL??? :o)))) Mmmmm...can smell it and feel it from here....Lucky you...savvy mom... And those little candle mats are adorable - and that hat! Too sweet.... What a lucky family you have to be blessed with your hand-made, heart-felt, goodes....Hoping your Christmas was merry and bright....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
ooooh Cath...you're Momma is the BEST! I love all that wool. Love your lil' gifties for everyone too. Happy New Year my Friend!
patti :)
Karen said…
Cute, cute snowmen.