A New Stove

Well, actually not here yet,
and not 
stainless steel. 
We ordered this in black. 
When do you get it, you ask?
Delivery date is 
December 30th. 
A party at my house for 30 + people next Saturday night. 
All the Christmas baking
(which is really no big deal, I don't bake much anyway)
Christmas dinner at my house for a family of 19. 
You might say,
Why Cathy, how are you going to do all that with no stove?
I have answers. 
1. Electric Roasters
2. Electric skillets
3. Crock Pots
4. Microwave
5. Grill
6. Jenn's stove next door
7. Cold dips
8. Kids that do have stoves and do bake
9. The local bakery
Fox's Pizza.

I think we have the holidays covered. 
What prepares us for all of this? 
A brief story. 
One time, about six years ago, 
we organized a mission trip.
1. Bought the tickets,
2. Arranged for lodging,
3. Hired a cook. 
The cook never materialized.
JWS and I cooked for 30 people for two weeks
in a Third World Country
on three burners
on an old gas cookstove.
It was an experience I will never forget.
I still make about the best fried plantains you will ever eat.
Not to brag, but people have told me that.
You just can't buy plantains very often
in rural Western Pennsylvania.
they don't have a lot to compare them to.

Quick sewing project.
I found this handkerchief at a antique mall last summer.
Loved the colors.
Brought it home and laid it on this pillow and there it stayed.
Well almost,
actually it fell off regularly.
This morning,
I sewed it on.

And more progress on the penny rug for my table.
This is almost the never ending job.
Another row of red the whole way around and then I think I cut enough for two more rows of green.
This may have to wait until after Christmas.
I have a few other gifts that need done.


Angela said…
Sounds like you are going to be so busy entertaining girl. That stove would be a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Double ovens,, wow. At least it won't be here in time to get messy with all the Christmas baking. Loved the stockings you finished in your last post. Don't think I stopped by and commented. Take care and hope you have a great day.
Kim said…
Your new stove looks great. I always wanted the two seperate ovens. It sounds like you have the holidays under control while you await the new arrival.
I LOVE your new stove! It looks similar to the one I have had my eye on. I don't think the people who owned this house before we bought it in August had many get togethers...the fridge is SMALL and the oven is TINY - I can't wait to get new ones!
Have a wonderful day - Merry Christmas!
I Love the new stove you chose. I too, also want one with the double ovens. The stove I have now has a stainless steel front and has to be polished with a special polish often (doesn't happen in my house, maybe once a month if that, Lol!) It's so much a pain to keep up with cleaning it. My next one will be black. Sounds like your Holidays are going to be busy.
Love the Hankie on the pillow. Wonderful idea. Your penny rug is coming along. It looks Beautiful. I never owned a penny rug of any sort. See alot of them in Blogland. Take Care, Have a wonderful Day!

TheCrankyCrow said…
Woo Hoo!! Great stove girlfriend! Loving the double ovens....probably would never fit in our space - we had a heck of a time replacing our frig - why would someone build a house with undersized spaces for appliances for crying out loud? Hope you're happy w/ the black - it's pretty, but a bugger to keep clean - it's like a magnet for every stray anything! Much easier to keep my stainless steel frig clean that that stove. And - oh - your penny rug is looking absolutely amazing!! Hope you had a wonderful Thursday...yeah, I'm way behind....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Hey that's my stove! I love ours, you will too!

Sounds like you will have FUN preparing food till you get your new stove!