The Rest of the Story

So those of you that have read the
Green post
will now get the REST of the story of yesterday.
Up in the AM,
finished these crocks for an order,
after a lovely, brisk,
freezing your butt off
3 mile walk in below freezing conditions.
are we going to do this all winter?
Then pack up my painting gear,
pick-up my MIL,
drop off my MIL at dialysis,
off to paint this.

Some of you will remember the beginning of this a few weeks back.
Still have lots to go,
but done until after Christmas. 
Making good time on that project,
I thought that I would have enough time to take back the jacket to
pick up the
cell phone case at the
Verizon Store
I picked up my MIL. 

So the time line.
Park at the Verizon Store
Walk in.
Leave my phone,
(Other issues also than just a case)
to Wallyville
Bag in Hand.
in the door get in line
Wait, you have to go to another line to get another paper.
Get in that line.
Wait Wait.
Until I have an anonymous blog, I won't go into details about that Wallyville
lest you all think that I am insensitive
I will tell you that he smelled so bad that I had my sleeve up over my nose.
No cause for smelling that bad.
Get my other paper,
Back in the other line.
Is it me, or does it seem like everyone just wants to chit chat with the Walmart employees today?
I have to pick my MIL up at 1:00!!!
So I am down to one person in front of me.
The old people bus pulls up.
It was like a parade of
shopping carts.
they all came between me and the counter
where I was now next.
the bottom of the receipt is missing.
The bar code.
So they will have to give me store credit.
No problem.
Other than the time
It is now 12:45. 
driver's license
Which is in the car, parked by the Verizon Store.
Reach in my pocket,
as I am running
to the car.
No keys.
I left them lay on the counter at the Verizon store.
Into the Verizon Store
the lady tries to explain the problem with my phone.
No time,
we'll talk later,
Grab my GREEN phone,
my keys,
to the car,
get my license
back to Wallyville
I am THIRD in line. 
Tapping foot
Looking at the clock
on my GREEN phone.
I finally get to the counter,
get MY Wallyville card,
wrap $20 of my money in the receipt and
back to the car.
Drive to the dialysis center and pull in at
Longest half hour of my life?
Not hardly,
it was the NEXT half hour.
She was not done until 1:30.
You ask,
why the panic?
Apparently you have never been late
to pick up an
I have.
Enough said.

Back home, get my MIL delivered,
painting stuff back in the house.
Get my car,
Back to work,
Where JWS,
did I mention he is sick?
(Really, a sick husband should evoke even more sympathy to my plight)
He leaves,
I finish the day.
Come home,
supper and some GREEN phone discussion.
And time to rest.

and make this.

I already had the circles cut and
it is going out
to a
I hope that she likes it!


Wow Cath...I'm tired just reading this! You just crack me up!! Love the penny rug too!
patti :)
Whew girl! Your post made me exhausted just reading it! Hope your days goes smoothly today!
frontporchprims said…
Holy cow. I need a Coke after reading that. I am thirsty and need caffeine now:) I am glad that half hour is over for you. -Steph-
Sheila said…
I really should know better by now not to be drinking my morning coffee while reading your posts! I need to make a note to self and stick it on the computer.
Love all that you create, not sure where you find the time and I love the entertainment.
hugz to ya my friend~
TheCrankyCrow said…
I'm running way behind these days (glad I don't have to pick up an Italian MIL on dialysis!) Anywho - just read your "green" post - and I truly do have a great fondness for fact, our couch is canisters are green...I can think of lots of things green...but that phone green is....ummmm....a truly odd green. If a color could be offensive, that might be in the running. Sorry! (I do mean I am sorry for you too!!) And what a brave, brave, soul you are to venture into Wallyworld this time of year. I avoid it like the plague.....Gorgeous penny mat - she's going to LOVE it!!! Happy Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
I just don't know where you get your energy! I get exhausted reading how you fit everything into your day! You are amazing!
annie said…
I agree with the others, I'm worn out just from reading this! At least you're good to your MIL, that would be a high point on a lot of people's nice lists! hugging you, catch your breath! Tomorrow is another day!
I'm feeling your pain. I don't have 'said' MIL...mine's actually pretty nice...but the whole Wally World insanity...don't get me started. The whole place should be banned. Then, the sick husband...been there and done that this week. I actually took a sick day from work to wait for the phone guy to install the ADT, when hubby decides he has the stomach flu...or could it be too much junk after dinner? God love our men!! Anyway, I stay home, he stays get the picture! You have the patience and stamina of a saint!! Had to smile at the whole story!!
Oh Cathy, you amaze me and yes, I'm tired just reading all you did.
God love you!!!!
Hope the weekend is better!!!