Where to put the Baby?

Before I get a sermon,
I'll just tell you and confess.
I didn't know where to put the nativity this year.
I know, I know,
all the words of wisdom that could go with that statement.
All the little devotions,
all the repercussions of making that statement,
Hear me out.
1. Six grandchildren ages six and under.
2. The oldest two grandsons that have an affinity for anything that can
be thrown, launched, pitched, batted or kicked.
A manger that could double as a cat box, that JWS made in his younger woodworking days.
Not your ordinary house cat size box,
we are talking nothing short of a small cougar
so heavy that it actually needs a foundation,
get your daily workout
getting it out of the attic
cat box.
And so,
The other morning I had a brainstorm.
Early in the morning.
before JWS actually got a swallow of coffee,
I pitched the idea to him.
And later in the day he made that lovely frame for my nativity
and now Baby Jesus has a wonderful place in our home again
hopefully out of the range of flying projectiles.

It used to be a tradition making it in our house.
Last night, I thought I would make one batch alone.
I seriously over-estimated my skills.
Just a few blisters later...
Anise Hardtack
(that obviously needs the sugar shaken off a little more)

Homemade Gumdrops.
Not sure about these,
right now they taste like sugared finger jello,
but they need to sit out a day or two
to be finished,
We'll see.

Cream Cheese Mints
My mom always made these and had these cute little molds that she put them in.
I had none.
So, they are cut out with an empty roll of Stitch Witchery
stamped with a button.

And this stuff.
Wow, is all I can say.
It is too good to leave alone.
Corn Syrup
Peanut Butter
How can you not love it?

Chocolate Covered Cashews
Maybe a few others.

JWS thinks that I need an intervention.
or my meds adjusted.
Really, it's only BP medicine and Thyroid Meds.
Not any mood altering drugs.
he did mention holding me down and slipping an animal tranquilizer under my tongue.
How rude!
Of course, he said that through
Frito crumbs and chocolate dripping down his chin.


Angela said…
Love the place you found for baby Jesus. I have my nativity scene on my piano also. Just seems like the right spot for it. You have been one busy lady. All the food looks so good. Especially the frito one. You are such a tease. Where are the recipes. (lol). Hoping you have a great weekend.
Teresa said…
I am glad baby Jesus has a home.
Your treats look delicious.
Enjoy your party.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
I'm glad baby Jesus has a safe place to rest! :)

Your treats sound good, I have never heard of any of those you made. Can I stick my hand in the hardtack jar pretty please? I want to taste!

Merry Christmas!!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Looks like you found the perfect place for your nativity...(See, I kept my comment decent.....) ;o) And wow - aren't we the Cathy Crocker??? I'll pass on the hardtack (not an anise fan) - but those mints look - and sound - heavenly. Still trying to wrap my head around Fritos and chocolate.... Really??? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Laurie said…
I haven't found a spot for my nativity yet this year, former spots are no longer available.
Wow! My sugar sky rocketed just reading the rest of your post Cathy, Yum!
Sheila said…
Where are you finding your ambition? Please share. Everything looks yummy and I understand about two little boys and their projectiles! Mine are here at the moment ;-)
Ok, how high are my sugar/salt cravings...I just zoned out with the fritos, corn syrup, peanut butter, chocolate thing...please...may I have a taste...please?
jennifer768 said…
Love where you placed your nativity!Now on to the wonderful goodies and all I can say is yummy! Okay a few other words like... recipes please ,especially the frito,chocolate peanut butter one,it is just so intriguing.Hugs,Jen
annie said…
The nativity looks wonderful there. Amazing goodies to eat, but man, oh man, the frito one! That's some combination, salt & sugar in one bite, or two, or three..,,,,,,,!
Again you made me giggle!
I just love coming here.
You can take any everyday happening and make it spark with 'fun'...how do you do that?
I used to make Anise hard candy...it was a favorite. You know, I just realized I made that and many other things when I worked outside the home...now I don't work outside my home and I don't make much at all. Kind of backwards don't ya think? lol

Blessings and Merry Christmas,
Yummmm...I'd love to try that gumdrop recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing it. All the goodies look so tasty!
frontporchprims said…
That's a great place for the Nativity. Nice and safe. Your candy looks soooo good. I wish I could take a bite out of my screen. Merry Christmas. -Steph-
Lesley said…
Merry Christmas Cathy and JWS and the clan. I love the nativity, so simple yet striking. JWS did a fab job.
Love all your goodies. I see a little high Blood sugar count here. LOL
Enjoy and all the best for the New Year. All the goodies you sent are hanging on the tree and around the house. Ahhh such a nice warm feeling it gives me.
Hugs, Les ♥
what on earth do you call the frito/chocolate/peanut butter combo?? Og my goodness - i think you need to share that recipe!! Now Im thinking I have time for ONE more thing to bake/prepare!!

merry Christmas!!!!!!
Barb said…
Hi Cathy,
Wishing you and your family a very happy Holiday season!