Yard Sale, Dance Floor

This morning
one half of the house
looks like a yard sale.

And the other half looks like a dance floor.
If you look close, you will see sweeper tracks in the old carpet.
You might say,
"Why Cathy, did you sweep your carpet just to take those pics?"
considering that the carpet is coming up today
that would seem silly,


JWS, who as recently as Monday,
tick infested,
8 point buck
in the back of his pick-up,
wanted the carpet to be clean
before I placed
it in the same

Anyone besides me
see an issue with this?

There are many milestones in a marriage,
things that make you stronger,
events that make you closer,
make you love your spouse more.

I am here to tell you.


LOL Cathy! Well... at least it will be worth it when it's over!

Carmen and the Primcats
Sheila said…
Getting my morning chuckle!
Thanks. Hope you have a great day my friend.
annie said…
Just think, that messy buck swiftly became a memory and a tall tale, you get to enjoy the new carpet for many moons to come. You're getting the best end of the deal! Guys, you gotta luv 'em!
Men! They just don't make sense sometimes. Thanks for the morning lol, Glad to know my spouse isn't the only one that makes no sense sometimes. ;) But woohoo for new carpet!!

Christmas blessings from Jessica
TheCrankyCrow said…
Really? I'd have told him to vacuum it himself....that's nutty! And, yeah - my spouse suffers from a similar malady..... Hang in there (and think - new carpet!!) ;o) Happy December....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
frontporchprims said…
Ha ha ha. this makes me laugh. Sometimes you just have to shake your head. Yeah for the new carpet though. -Steph-
Catherine said…
Guys have their own set of priorities I guess! Too funny!
Laurie said…
Ewwww! I don't know what else to say Cathy!
I got such a nice laugh out of this one!! You are funny! Ah, the differences between men and women!!
well, at least he is part clean.. my dh just woulda brought the cruddy old buck in the house on the carpet ! If I didn't live here ...

They can have their tick infested, lyme disease ridden ol deer meat.. yuk. I refuse to cook it or eat it, period.

thanks for the laugh, Cathy! I look forward to your daily posts.
Wonderful way to start my day!