Bats in the Belfry...or Basement

Let me start by saying,
"I hate bats!"
Scared to death of them.
Give me any other critter in the house.
Mice, Rats, Snakes, Spiders, Squirrels, Chipmunks.
Many of which I have experienced,
but we won't go there.
Nothing freaks me out more than a bat.
Hummingbirds are a close second.
Just weird.
I know.
So the other morning when
JWS comes out of the basement,
which looks like a recent episode of Hoarders,
to gently inform me that we have a bat in the basement.
I varnish, do laundry and make coffee in the basement.
I know, the coffee is weird also. 
Another story.
But needless to say,
none of the above have happened in the last three days.
As I sit here now,
I am waiting for JWS to go down and make the coffee.
I think he is toying with me.
There's more to the story.
Did a little painting (above) the other day.

Cleaned my office at work yesterday and found this.
I knew I had it,
it was buried.
I want to display something in it.
Any ideas?

And found some white wool yesterday.
Have to get it washed....
refer back to the bat story.

And yesterday,
I had a doctor's appt, so I slid into the mall
looking for a coat
and found
the most amazing sale!
Lots of sweaters over 70% off.
So, in a stash busting move last night, I worked on these hangers.
They are so nice for sweaters and so easy to do.

A mild moment of panic. 
I have been working on this penny rug for a couple of months.
On and off.
Two nights ago,
I laid it out and realized that I had not cut enough red.
Sweating, I ran up the steps to my sewing room to dig through
the stash
I had just enough! 
Crisis averted.


Lol, I wouldn't go down there either! My son called us on the phone from his bedroom at 2am once to tell us he was hiding under his blankets because there was a bat flying around! Never did figure out how it got in. Good times. :-)
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I loved having you!
You have a wonderful life and are so blessed!

Teresa said…
Sorry about the bat. Love the idea of covering hangers to use for sweaters.
Can't wait to see what you put in the box.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Angie Berry said…
Uh oh! I'm with you on the bats. We have them out here in the country flying around in the evenings all the time. They didn't use to bother me... until one of my kids showed me a close up picture of them in a book. Yikes!! Those things are ugly and mean looking. Now I run when I see them coming!

Your houses are so cute! Of course, love the red. The penny rug is beautiful and will be a very nice piece when you are finished.

Yes, great time to go shopping! Always lots and lots of great sales this time of year. Sometimes that's not so great though, lol.

Wishing you a productive week of crafting~
Kim said…
I'm not a fan of any of those critters in my house - bats, mice snakes Yuck!
Hope someone catches it soon :)
Ann said…
I can't wait to hear more of this story , especially the coffee in the basement? Growing up in an OLD house we had bats in the attic - and occasionally in the house too. Glad I had an older brother who detested them and liked nothing better than disposing of the unlucky ones that made their way into our upstairs. ~Ann
frontporchprims said…
Now you have an excuse to not do the laundry. I wouldn't ever go down there. Bats are freaky. Who knows where they are hanging. Hope you can get it out. We had a bat in our beach house over vacation one fall and it was an amazing thing to watch all the men try to get it out at 2am. -Steph-
We had a bat in the house, so feel lucky yours is in the basement!!!! We also had a pheasant fly through a bedroom window!!!
Can't wait for the "rest of the stories"!!!!

Lesley said…
I am not surprised Cathy you hate bats as I know you dislike birds too. LOL
I am the same with the darn wingy things. They scare me to death and not only that they carry rabies so be careful.
I wonder what else JWS was doing downstairs. Coffee doesn't take that long to make. LOL
Love all your projects.
Take care, Les
You had my attention about the bats, but then you had to mention the coffee in the basement. Now I want to hear the rest of the story!!!
We had a lot of bats in our house when we moved in ~ it took months for us to get rid of them. Hope youo get rid of your bat soon!
Wonderful painting creations by the way!!!
Prim Blessings
Oh I am with you, I HATE Bats!!!!
When I was younger and still at home, we lived in an old, drafty house. We had Bats all the time. I still remember my Dad running around with the broom swatting at them, Lol!
Love your new painting creations.
Laurie said…
I'm right with you on the bats Cathy! Our first home was invaded by them, you'd find them hanging on the curtains, in the kitchen sink, and flying around one night drove me to the car to sleep. Come to find out, the attic was loaded with them. At dusk, we'd go outside and watch them fly out from under the eaves. We had no idea they were just the tip of the iceberg. Hate um!
justducky65 said…
Are we related somehow?! LOL It's just that the goings-on in your house remind me of my life so much. We had a bat in camp once and my hubby and another man-friend, who are both over 300 lbs mind you, went in to capture the creature with butterfly nets over their heads and fishing nets to scoop the bat up. I think in the end, they used a broom and smacked the bat unconscious and released it back into the wild.

I just love reading your blog. It always makes me smile :)
TheCrankyCrow said…
Somehow, I know this bat is going to prove amazing fodder for blog material down the road. Me, I'll take a bat any day over those man-eating snakes we have (hey - it's my story, I'm sticking to it....) And funny about the humming birds - I do like to watch them and actually put out a feeder for them in the summer, but have a new "take" on them ever since I was hit "cheek on" by one and had to get medical attention. (I kid you not....) As for display suggestions....It looks fairly large, hey - like coffee-table size? If so, I'd find some awesome salt-glazed jugs or ovoids and put just 3 or 4 in there....If it's smaller than that, I'd be thinking nests....(NO, not bat nests!!!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin