Finishing - Starting - Timing

About the only things on this post that are FINISHED
are these.
I had cut out extra and finally got them done.
One goes into the bin for the open house,
One will be given away soon....
Watch for it!

The final vote around my house was to coffee-stain.
Then starch and glitter.
The next pic, hopefully will be on the tree.
A few for the giveaway.

These are all the pennies left to do for that HUGE project
that I am getting real tired of making.
Hopefully the next pic will be on my table.

Back to the I Spy quilt.
I started this awhile ago.
As in probably two years ago, awhile ago.
I would have to look back.
I am sure I blogged it.

It is back out for awhile.
As soon as the penny rug is done.

Some blue jeans to be made into table runners.
Or a blanket if I get real industrious.
More on that later.

One other finished,
but not by me.
This cute little ornament
came in the mail on Saturday!
Painted by one of my Painting Ladies!
Click on over and visit her.
Thanks, Marie!

It inspired me to make a pattern for wool.
More on that later also.

And a bunch of tracing for snowmen and a few other things.
Just messing in my sewing room yesterday.
And why?
First of all, just needed a break yesterday.
I had to go to work.
Had to undecorate the church,
take my tree down...
all that stuff.
I needed my recliner
and rest.
what I did not expect.
Was that the
Steelers - Broncos game,
that the Steelers were supposed to win...
would turn
into nothing less
than a
And those are not the words that i used to describe
him in my mind.
Might as well be honest.
So I retreated to my sewing room.
I was Ok with that.
the woman that called three times in a row
for something stupid for the fair,
ten minutes after the game was over,
got the real earful.
Thank goodness he just screamed it AT the phone,
the phone.
How lucky she is that he didn't actually pick it up.
Well, actually
as much as she calls,
there was a small part of me wishing he would have picked it up.
The calls might have ended.
Don't tell anyone I said that!


Angela said…
Wow , Looks like you have a lot going. Love the snowmen and the hearts. I have penny rugs on my list of learn to do things in 2012 I bought a couple of simple patterns to begin. Was just wondering, how do you cut your circles, with scissors or a rotary cutter? Love the I spy quilt. Such a neat idea. Glad to hear my mister isn't the only one who really gets involved with the football games. Sounds like my mister and your JWS would be dangerous in a room together while watching a game. (lol). Wishing you a Marvelous Monday my friend
Karen said…
The snowmen are so cute. It is hard to tell size from the picture but they look like they could be used as a placemat.
Holy Moly, you have been one busy,busy lady!
I love the Valentines hearts you did and I love how you put the picture of the hearts as the header of your blog, I think it looks wonderful!

The snowmen came out so darn cute and the "I Spy"
quilt is AWESOME!

I have never seen anything like that, I love it!
I understand about my Hubby watching his football games, I watch when our team plays bu they didn't play yesterday but my hubby had to watch who won yesterday to see what team OUR team is going to be going against!!
He really enjoys it so I don't mind, he come prim shopping with me so we give and take!

Happy are on a ROLL!
love the snowmen! So cute! Can't wait to finally see your finished Penny Rug!

Carmen and the Primcats
Sheila said…
You continually amaze me with all the projects you do! Can't wait to see the penny project~
Have a great week.
Wow, Cathy! You have been busy.
Can't wait to see your penny rug all finished.
I Love the hearts, they turned out Beautiful.
Love that I Spy quilt. My 10 yr old seen it when I was reading your Blog and thought it was AWESOME! That looks like alot of time and hard work went into that quilt.
Cute snowman you got from Marie.
I purchased several of her patterns a yr or so ago. Love her work. Enjoy the rest of your day!
I love the ccochet hearts! I've been meaning to learn to crochet forever and now I think I must. You are one busy gal with a lot of projects!
Angie Berry said…
Hehe, you crack me up! Sounds like my hubby when Dallas Cowboys lose, yeah he's a diehard Cowboys fan. But I'm with you... when the games are on, it's best to retreat to a nice, quiet place because you know there's gonna be some hollering going on. =]

You have lots of projects lined out, that's great! I usually stand in my crafting area looking around trying to decide what to tackle next. Have fun with it all~
frontporchprims said…
You make me laugh. What busy hands you have right now. Good luck with all your projects and the grumpy one and the lady who keeps calling:) -Steph-
Trace4J said…
Wow Friend you are one busy superwoman. Love it all. Especially the snow people :)
And you are a hoot!
Hugs Trace
K'sKronicles said…
Cathy...thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your nice comments..! Please tell your Step Daughter to not give up on the Hershey competition..!! I had so much fun entering both at the local and state level. Have fun next week at the Convention..!!
Busy, Busy you are ~ such wonderful creations ~ LOVE the snowmen!!!
Can't wait to see all the long over due projects finished up ~ that quilt is amazing and so much fun!!!
Love the little snowangel ~ so adorable!
Thanks for sharing all you do!!!
Prim Blessings
P.S. I promise I won't tell!
TheCrankyCrow said… that's what's becoming of the crocheted hearts....And yes, definitely loved them stained. They're gorgeous! Too funny about JW and the Steeler game (well, ok, not exactly "funny" - but I can relate - much like the day our beloved Packers completely blew their wonderful season to smithereens...Yikes, just the memory of the spew spewed about here makes me shudder....) That I Spy quilt sounds fascinating - those books were some of my son's absolute favorites as he was growing up - I could only imagine how he would have loved an I Spy quilt..... Robin