I found it!

Ok, Ok, I should be working, but pinterest sometimes just sucks me in and here I had pinned the pattern for those stars in the post below. 

Here is the link:


I haven't looked to see what other goodies she might have yet and of course I am not going to do that now because I should be working!  

I did use a larger hook and three strands of thread for mine.  Hers are adorable colors though.

Oh my, I am editing this again.  When I read the post from the pin....I realized that it was yet another blogger that did the pattern. 

What a trail/trial to find it all.


Hers are actually made from worsted weight yarn. 
One pattern, so many variations.


Carol said…
I enjoyed following the trail of the stars but just have to say that I love yours best.
Ann said…
Cathy, I love the crocheted ornaments, but unfortunately, I won't be making any unless you come over and teach my how to crochet! ~Ann
Oh does Pinterst swallow your time too? Hee hee see ya there
Angie Berry said…
Hi Cathy! I was going through the list of followers on my blog and I see that you follow my blog so I thought I would come over here and meet you. I scrolled down through some past posts. You do beautiful work!

I'm a Pinterest addict also. Yikes! But sometimes it can be a good thing... sometimes. =/

Nice to meet you! Have a delightful week~