More Recycled Jeans and a Football Win

Completed this table runner yesterday AM.
Years ago, I made a blanket like this.
Really not an easy task to get through a sewing machine,
but a great out in the yard blanket!
Since then, I have held it to table runners.

Just realized in this pic, that I need to re-iron that square...
funny how you don't see it until it is in a picture!

The back looks nice also!
I was going to have a quick tutorial on these,
they are not hard.
But that will have to wait until another day.
You see, I didn't photograph the steps
and was going to just make another this morning.
and here it comes.
The Crazy Train
of this house.
After the disappointing loss of the Steelers on Sunday night.
JWS went into a bit of a funk.
hate the world,
get rid of all technology,
(too long to even start that story)
I had about had enough of it
For those of you that don't know,
we work together,
there was no getting away from him.
I could think of someplace to send him.
I knew of some places I would like to send him...
we won't go there.
Mid afternoon, it started to lift,
and by suppertime
he was OK.
the words on the TV that I did not want to hear.
The BCS game
Alabama vs. New Orleans.
Why didn't I see this coming?
Next to
Go Steelers
in this house
Roll Tide.
My stomach heaved...
Could I take another depressed day?
Could I slip him some "Happy Pills?"
Does holding a pillow over someone's head really suffocate them? 

I went to bed.
No hiding in another part of the house.
I want to sleep through this.

So this morning,
I wake up and he is not in bed.
Quickly check the smart phone...
Miracle of Miracles...
Alabama Won!
He doesn't realize how his life depended on that win!

And now to why you don't have a tutorial.
He is sleeping in my chair,
directly below my sewing machine.

I always heard that is was best to let
Sleeping Bears Lie.


Holy Moly, Your table runner came out great and way to go with using some pieces of jeans... very creative!

Prim Blessings,
Catherine said…
Cool table runner! I bet the blanket is awesome.
Glad for you that Bama won, and yes, never disturb a sleeping bear!
Hee hee, I'm not a football fan but I can imagine the egg shells you have to walk on some days. Crazy football men. :-) I've never seen anything like what you are making out of jeans! I had a bin of old jeans out in the garage for making a rag blanket and never got to it. I would love to see a tutorial when you get time.
Patti said…
Love the runner Cathy. I was thinking about John when we watched that game, Mike was yelling right along with him.
Love your table runner Cathy! I'm amazed at the things you come up with. You are so creative! I'm not a huge football fan, I sneak off and work on crafts... Here in Wisconsin, they root for the Green Bay Packers! Enjoy your day!
What a beautiful runner Cathy...I can't imagine the chore it is to work with 'jeans' fabric.
My husband has the football crazies too...what's up with them. LOL

Angela said…
Love the table runner. Turned out great. Mr. P watched the last part of the game IN BED, so there was no escaping. He was a happy man also. Not so this morning trying to get him up for work. Have a great day.
Kathy said…
LOl yup let a sleeping bear lie.. that runner is gorgeous.. but can imagine how hard it is to sew... beautiful... have a great day!
You're so funny!! We had to awake to hear of Alabama winning too! Gotta say though, it was hard to not be excited for Tim Tebow (I mean, 11 seconds?!) he's just a kid and I love to see good kids succeed :-)
Morgan said…
Oh! My Goodness! Your story was absolutely FABULOUS! I know it was NO FUN as you were living it, but I have to tell you, put into words -the way you have done- was truly entertaining! LOVE your writing-style! hehe :)

On a "crafty note," WOW! I simply LOVE your table runner! I am really, really looking forward to the tutorial!!!

Your New Friend and BIG Fan! (Love your Blog!!!) :D

~Morgan ♥
Love your table runner and I can imagine my sewing machine jamming over every seam. You did an amazing job and even the back looks great. Regarding football and men...the worst for me is that I "CAN"T SAY ANYTHING" for fear he might miss the announcer's comments...I think to myself...hey it is right in front of you on the screen...can't you see it???" Men and football, UGH! However, when I worked for the 49'ers that was a whole different story...I became one of those "crazies!" LOL Enjoy your style on your blog...had me laughing (out loud). {{HUGS}} Joy
Denise said…
Great game last night! Love the quilt!

Love your runner. Beautiful on both sides.

I love your runner, too...but it's the hearts in your banner that I love most! I'll look around some more on your blog! ♥
Karen said…
That's a good use for recycling jeans. The thrift stores would be a great place to shop for a bunch.