Pennies All Over

Well, I finally finished it! 
What a job! 
Too much looking at the same color
over and over
again and again!

I would literally fall asleep with them in my hands.
Now to get a new centerpiece for the table.
But what?
Some pics of pennies around the house.

Some bright Kool-Aid dyed pennies.
Kool-Aid Dye really fades!

A pink and brown one
with a hand-painted cigar box on top.

And experiment with ovals.

The first kit, bought by my Mom.

Another kit.

My favorites,
the mismatched raggy ones.

And the first circle one that I ever tried,

Before I realized to use the freezer paper.

Thanks for coming along on the tour!

It is really, really cold here
and really windy.
Guess winter has finally made it's official arrival!
Stay warm
enjoy your weekend!


Angela said…
Love all your pennies. Love the snowman one. Such a good job you do. I still have not started that learning project. BUT I will soon. Just dreading cutting them out. I did start my venture with punch needle here in the hotel yesterday. I can tell its going to take lots of practice on my part before I start on the kit I purchased. Take care and stay warm
Gayle said…
That's a LOT of wonderful pennies! I love the oval one - don't think I've ever seen that shape done before. And your newest is so pretty! I'd like to learn how to do them without attaching them to a solid background piece - any pointers?
Sheila said…
Hi there Cathy!
Love your pennies, all of them but I think my fav is the mismatched one too! One of these days I might find enough wool to make one of my own.

It's really cold here too. Cosmetic sunshine my hubby calls it cause it was 3 degrees earlier and the wind chill was -15. No snow......yet :>
Have a great weekend.
annie said…
I love them all, the ovals look really different!
Oh my Goodness! I Love all your pennies, Cathy! They are so Beautiful. Lots of color! Love the snowman one! Have a wonderful weekend!
Jody said…
Love all the penny rugs Cathy! Your newest one is so pretty!
lilraggedyangie said…
so many beautiful pennies such a multitalented lady you are ! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! hugs lilraggedyangie
You DID it!!WOOHOO, you did a super job on the penny rug that is in the center of your table. I LOVE it and you made it so it is even more special!!

You are right, Mr winter is knocking at the door, it is windy and VERY cold here in our small town in Mass.
It is going to be COLD, FREEZING ALL weekend, we stocked the homestead with our wood and the home is czy and warm. Yomorrow I am making a beef stew and homemade bread if I can, the bread I mean, I am still NOT feeling 100%, with the whole breast thing but they caught it in time but the treatment makes you more SICK than ever.

Stay warm in your beautiful homestead,
Catherine said…
Such wonderful pennies!
acorn hollow said…
Love them! no wonder you were falling asleep with them you have a lot of pennies.
Laurie said…
The penny rug I received is on my shelf with a little figurine on it. I love it!
I think your penny rugs are fab! I just love the look of them on an old table with a wooden bowl sitting on them. I like the mismatched ones the best. Very nice work!
Pretty Pennies~
haved a wonderful weekend~
frontporchprims said…
Beautiful pennies:) What wonderful colors. I bet they are fun to make. I love the mismatched ones too. Hold on for dear life in the wind. It is so windy in my town too. -Steph-
TheCrankyCrow said…
Oh Miss Cathy - I'm loving your pennies something fierce. GORGEOUS!!! I am really torn between the partridge in the pear tree one and those folky prim ones - like your "first circle one"....Wow - I knew you were talented - but're making the rest of us look bad! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin