Some Links, My Version, A Plea, and a Big No-N0

I think that I might be done with these for awhile. 
Not sure though, they were pretty addictive.
Now, here is the issue.
I lost the link to where I found them.
Forgot to pin it!
How could I do that?
Very easy if you live in my world.
I lose way more important stuff than that.

I am going to apologize up front to anyone that I might offend by posting this pattern.
It is not my own.
If you see it and it is yours,
let me know and I will quickly make amends.
That being said,
I did change it a little.
It was written for one strand and a teeny tiny crochet hook.
Here is what I did.

Dug through the stash.
A little Knit Cro Sheen
Some cotton thread.
Some Perle cotton,
Whatever I found,
I used three stands of these.
I experimented with.
Using an E crochet hook.
Chain 6
Join with a slip stitch to make a ring.
Chain 3
(This counts as first DC)
Make 2 dc in ring and chain 5
until you have five groups of DC and
five chain 5 spaces.
Join to the initial chain 3
Make a single crochet in the top of the chain 3
Skip the next DC and
make a single crochet in the next DC.
Three single crochets,
chain 2
single crochet back into the third SC
two more single crochet
all in the chain 5 space.
Repeat around and join
with a slip stitch.

Sorry, not the best at crochet directions.
If you have any questions,
email me.

I coffee stained some of them,
left others natural.
I use white glue and water,
1:1 Ratio
for starch.
Critter issues aside,
I am still not comfortable with sugar water or sprite
or any other food product being stored in my attic.
Pin them to a board.
I use a corrugated plastic board,
we are in the sign business.
If you don't have one,
you could steal your least favorite
political person's sign
from along the road.
don't tell anyone I said that.
I think that is illegal.
Corrugated cardboard,
covered in wax or freezer paper will suffice
keep you out of jail.
While they are still wet,
I dusted them with diamond dust.
Gotta love that stuff!

And these.
I have made them before.
Had tons of blue jeans seams and
thought I needed to use them up yesterday.
Very easy....
Didn't lose that link!

Perfect coasters.

And on to the plea....
Finished these yesterday,
I am seriously in need of white, beige, light wools.
I will pay,
I will trade other colors of wool.
I will trade painted pieces.
I will trade wool things made up.
Anyone have any excess?

And lastly,
A Big No-No.
Don't ever put coffee stained items,
that might have some metallic thread in them

The sparks and smoke were awesome,
the smell?
not so great!

Live and learn.

It is back to work,
kicking and screaming
all the way
for me today.

It has been a nice rest.
You would think my house would look better than it does.
Maybe it is a good thing I work.
Way too much of a procrastinator otherwise.


acorn hollow said…
love the stars and the coasters. Wish I could help you out with the white but I do not have any at the momet.
Denise said…
I can imagine the smell! Oops! Love the idea for jeans seams and your stars are adorable.

Sorry no wool in my house. I look at it and it shrinks.
TheRustyThimble said…
LOL oh I needed to visit you this morning, how funny on the road side signs!!
and the microwave mishap!!

Love the jean coasters what a great idea, thank you for sharing.

I too need cream, or white wools so I can't help you out on that, I did just get a wool cream blanket for a great price online. I could not find anyone that had large pieces of it.
Have a wonderful creative day
Angela said…
Love your crochet stars. And the coasters, such a great idea. I also love the snowmen, too cute. You have been busy. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Have a great Back to Work day.
Kathy said…
Love those stars.. use my jean coaster all the time you gave me.. love it... um.. can just imagine the smell and sparks.. yikes... sorry it's back to work today.. love the little snowmen.. no wool here either..Thanks for the chuckles... hope you have a great day anyways..
Laurie said…
ok Cathy, you lost me at pinning sugar water or sprite to a board, and not storing it in the attic. Did I miss something!?
Cindy Adkins said…
Oh wow, love what you made!!! And amazing about the microwave...I'm sure glad you mentioned that as I put lots of craft stuff in the microwave. Thank you for that advice!!!
I must visit your blog daily to lift my spirits, lol. I've never seen jean coasters before. Very creative!
What a fun idea for the blue jean seams. I never worked with wool, so I can't help you. But I will keep my eyes open if I find any for you. Enjoy your day.
I have lots and lots to sell/trade. How do I place an email addy without getting spammed?
frontporchprims said…
Oh no. Good thing it didn't set the thing on fire. I am so sorry that happend. I love the stars. Thanks for all the ideas. -Steph-
Lesley said…
Great post Cathy.
Love all the pieces. Sorry no wool here either, if I get one more craft in here JB might throw me out in the barn to live. Too cold out there and mice this time of year.
Now I am not sure how many stars you would put in the microwave at once but place them in a paper bag and they won't spark and arc. I read this somewhere about putting aluminum tins and such, the paper blocks or does something to stop it. Try that should work.
I might have to try this star pattern. I do like to do very small crochet things, I am going to try mini doilies for some art projects.
Take care, happy New Year.
Les xo
So love the stars and got the link from your newest post ~ Thanks!!!
I really your stars the best!!!
Those snowmen are adorable too!
I'll have to remember the little life lesson!!! Don't put in the microwave!!!

Prim Blessings
lilraggedyangie said…
Beautiful new creations even if an OOPS was involved ! Sorry no wool here either tons of felt NO real wool ! Have a great week , sorry Im playing catch up on my reading ! hugs lilraggedyangie
TheCrankyCrow said…
Hmmmmm.....wild animal print ribbon and now fireworks in the microwave. You really live the good life my friend... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
TheCrankyCrow said…
PS - I really LOVE those jean seam what, you just cut around the seams on old jeans and wind them up? How do you secure them? Very, very, cool.....Robin
TheCrankyCrow said… provided the link....I see she used fabric glue as she rolled them....I gotta do these. My son would love these for his "space".....R