The Strange Ribbon Obsession

I'll get to that in a minute...
But first,
These are some things that I have been working on.
See that first one up in the left hand corner?
Well I really didn't like that head on that one,
so the rest sort of got beheaded.
Sure like them better that way.

Tried this, not sure if I like it.

And these stars. 
JWS came home to find them pinned to a board
drying on the kitchen counter.
His comment?
"It's not like you don't have enough areas to craft in this house,
is this what it had come to?
You now take over the kitchen counter?"

Just short of the frustration he had when he found them drying on a
baker rack on top of the wood burner.

And now on to the topic of discussion. 
Four or five years ago,
I asked JWS to stop and get me curling ribbon
while he was in town.
He went to Joann's and bought $75 worth of ribbon.
So proud that he had got a deal,
I still have tons of ribbon.
Then in a moment of weakness on Saturday.
Not thinking of the outcome,
I asked him to stop at Michael's to pick up this.

A couple of paper palettes.
You see, the little angel boys next door
must have decided that my $8
would make good drawing paper
and wrote their name
on the rest of the
When do they do these things?


here is what he came home with...

So proud of himself!
Anyone need any high glitter leopard skin bows?
But wait, that's not all.
You say,
"Why Cathy, is that a five foot pre-lit tree
on your dining room table?"

and I would have to say
"Why, Yes, it is."
Very Calmly.

He was so proud.
I put up five trees this year.
He, apparently thought I needed another one.
When will I learn? 

And this great surprise...
Saturday, I went to get the mail.
No mail, but I looked on the front porch and there was a package.
So excited!
I love packages.

sent this to me.

I love it all! 
There was some Peppermint Bark that did not make it to the picture.

Back to these stars.
I sure hope that they are good sellers at the Open House this year.
I am so addicted to making them right now.

Off to mix up more starch!

I hope that all of you have a very
Happy New Year.

I have so enjoyed getting to know all of you. 
I love all of your kind comments!


This whole post has me chuckling. If I really need to get specific things at the grocery store, I go takes too long to explain it all to my darling man!! They do try though! You might have to donate that leopard ribbon to a local school--little girls would eat that up!
LibbiesHome said…
Happy New Year!
Love the snowmen, love the stars, love the package from Sandi. But I'm speechless over the leopard ribbon. They must love seeing him come into Joanns!
Oh this was a fun have one thoughtful hubby.... I think it's funny...but so darned sweet - I think my husband might do something like yours in moments of thinking he's being 'THE BEST HELPER'...glad you are good with it...and that I'd be happy with that deal!

Love your new projects kiddo.
Kim said…
I'm giggling. I can just see the proud look as he passes you the ribbon. I think he qualifies as an impulse shopper.
Trace4J said…
Fun post. WHat a sweetie you have!
And who couldnt use another tree?
Just love the stars and penny snowmen.
Happy New Year Friend
Good Morning Cathy-
Glad you liked your package I sent.
Love all the new goodies you made.
You certainly have been busy.
Oh my, that's alot of ribbon, and Leopard too! That's quite the hubby you have!
Happy New Year to you!
That is hilarious about the ribbon, Cathy! LOL Also I put up 7 trees this year so you need to more for your "collection". And I think Scott would agree with John about taking over the whole house for crafting, sometimes you just have too!
Denise said…
My husband is the same way in the grocery store. Send him for one thing and he comes back with 3 bags.

Sorry can't help with the animal print ribbon! lol Love your new tree maybe you can use the ribbon on it.
Balisha said…
had to laugh at that last ribbon he bought. I'm sure you will do something fabulous with it. I used to have my crafts all over the house too. I even put paintings in the oven to dry with the pilot light.
On another note....I was at Michael's a couple of days ago with gift cards. I looked for palette paper and asked...they told me that they weren't carrying it anymore.I love to use this paper and thought I would investigate further, but haven't so far.I bought a round, covered, plastic palette...with those sheets inside. I have no idea how to use it, however. I'll have to experiment.
Happy crafting...your things are always wonderful.
annie said…
I needed that laugh, guys! You just gotta love them! The stars would look great hung on your new tree until you sell them!
You sure did get GREAT goodies from your friend. I LOVE the snowmen you made and I think the one on the left is a cutie pie, they ALL are.
I am the same way we put up 7 Christmas trees this year in our homestead, your hubby must LOVE Christmas trees, good job and GREAT job on the ribbon.
My husband is the same way!

I wish you a blessd New Year!!!

Prim Hugs and Kisses!!!
Cindy Adkins said…
Happy New Year! I LOVE this post! My art has taken over too. I love what you created and I think all that ribbon is awesome and so is the tree~WOW! That was so terrific of your husband to get all that!
Sheila said…
I can always count on you to make my day! I'm still giggling over that ribbon-you could always save it for someones "wild" birthday party, you must have someone who would appreciate it! ~lol~ I'm not a fan of anything animal print I can tell you that.
Love the snowmen ornies. You really are getting a head start on the next open house!
Oh, btw, my friend LOVES her OOAK coffee pot and it now has a place of honor on a special shelf in her kitchen!
Have a great week!
Sounds a lot like my dear hubby. He is forever bringing things home that he thinks I will like. *sigh* Sometimes, I do. Most times, I don't, but I applaud the effort. As for the Christmas tree, gotta love that effort!
Say, do you sell those little snowmen ornies? I just love them and think they are perfect for my year round tree! Just wondering.......
Warmest wishes for 2012!
Laurie said…
He sounds so much like my husband Cathy! He thinks bulk is the best, even if he doesn't know if I want it or would use it. And big and bulky. I can't count the times he's gone a little (a lot) overboard! But isn't it nice when they think they know exactly what we want? (Need)
By the way, I love the stars! I think they'll go over great at your open house.
Love your snowman ornies! They are cute.

Your hubby is too funny, I had a good laugh at his shopping trips. ;)

Such great gifts from Sandi!
Hahahahahahahaha Cath!! Send the leopard ribbon my way. I have a friend who wears it and uses it in her home....picture frames, home decor...she'll love it!
Love the snowmen pennies...I gotta get goin on using some of my wool :) patti
Ummmm Kathy, is JWS color blind??? Where is red???? Hey, you never know when a project will pop in your head and you will need that leopard ribbon!!!! lol
Love your stars. Love the remake on the snowmen. AND, love what you got from Sandi. Love the snowman hat.
Catherine said…
Love this post! Cute snowmen and I love those stars!

Gotta love it when the husbands shop for us. I did a post before Christmas showing the hand mixer my hubby ran out and bought when mine died in the middle of cookie baking!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Well, well, well....I go MIA for a few days and come back to see that you all have strayed to the WILD side! I do think it is amazing that your dear husband (and apparently many others out there) not only willingly go into a Michael's or Joanne's, but even venture to look about and then actually purchase things they think their wives would like. Where did I go so wrong? Not that I want leopard print ribbon - but, yikes....I arrange my grocery list according to the aisles in the store he shops at so he doesn't have to go back and forth or "plan" his forays there; write out in detail brand names, scents, sizes, no-no's and yes-pleases; and it's still a 50/50 shot as to whether I will get what's on my list or not. (After all, is there really a big difference between paper towels and napkins? Granted, one can use paper towels as napkins, but using napkins as paper towels, not so much....) Anyways, I digress....I LOVE your little stars!!! They're adorable! And your goodies from Sandi are wonderful!!! Your life is just filled to the brim with good things....Hoping your new year is overflowing with joy, promise, and the best of blessings (yep, running way, way behind these days....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin