And the Pictures Finally Worked.

Blogger was giving me fits yesterday
as you would see in the next post.
I could not load any pics,
These are my thrift shop finds from yesterday.
All these rolls of fabric.
Wonder what I am doing with them?
you'll see...
keep reading...

Two full boxes of floss.
$2 per box.

Could not pass up this plate. 
Great for serving,
I love all these mismatched plates in these colors that I have found.

Some molds to make those yummy smelling pantry cakes
that Carmen sent me
and now has a tutorial for

A centerpiece needing some paint
filled up.

A zillion more of these little zippers.

And some change purses/glasses cases/phone cases
 that I made using those zippers this morning.

This is what I am using the rolls of fabric for...

I started this one in the Dialysis Waiting Room yesterday.
I love that they are conversation starters.
One man told me that he had never seen such a large crochet hook.
I asked him if it didn't remind him
The Flintstones
Mickey Mouse?

And another one.
Worked on this one last night. 
Of course I couldn't just start ONE! 

I am off to my paint room now. 
I finished a painting earlier this morning,
I'll post it tomorrow.
if the day continues as productive,
there will be lots more done!

Hope that everyone has a great Saturday!
Restful Sunday!


WOW, is all I can say!!! What a grand couldn't have asked for more if you would have told the store to have it ready for you...those are fantastic rolls of fabric...cut just perfect for your rugs...
Oh to find that much Floss...I'd die for it!
Glad the pictures were finally working.
SweetPepperRose said…
Girl, you really did rack up on some goodies! But I gotta ask... are you "knitting" or "crocheting" with the strips of cloth? Love the tan and burgandy.
What awesome finds Cathy! Love it all.
You have been productive. Love Love Love
Those rugs your making. Thanks for sharing.
TheCrankyCrow said…
SCORE!!! Wow....can't believe all that floss - and in such useable colors no less!! And I LOVE those rugs!!! That last one is GORGEOUS!!! Is it wrong to have rug envy???? ;o) Smiles & Rug Hugs ~ Robin
Teresa said…
Wonderful finds. Love the rug you have started.
Great find on black and white floss, the colors you can never have enough of.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Hi Cathy, I need you to go over to my blog and read it you will see why.
The rugs are wonderful...they are always so thick and feel so great! I love those precious molds, too! Lots of great stuff! ♥
You found some great finds, Cathy! Will be anxious to see how you paint the wooden center piece.
Good evening, Cathy,
Such awesome goodies...those are some fabulous finds!

And I can't believe how much You get done in a day. You are an amazing woman!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. ~Natalie
Sheila said…
Hi Cathy,
been gone all day with the hubs. Just checking in and I see you finally got the pictures to load. Nice TS finds!
I can almost imagine how awesome that wood bowl will be when you're finished with it!
Hope you have fun in the paint room.
Catherine said…
Great finds! Can't wait to see more of the rugs!
I am so envious today! I would just be in 7th heaven if I found that floss!!!!
Holy cow girl...what vitamins are you on? I want some!! scored huge on that floss! I can't get over your energy....I need some. :)patti
Angie Berry said…
I've never seen rolls of fabric like that. I would love to find homespun cut like that, that would be awesome, haha.

Huge score on the boxes of floss, man I go through the black like there's no tomorrow.

I'm always drawn to those mismatched plates and bowls too. They are fun to use when you are making treats to gift a family with. They always give them back though, lol.

I've not made any of the pantry cakes but that is on my mile long project list. These are some great molds. I've picked up lots of molds, now just need to do it.

Cute little pouches using those zippers! Very nifty Cathy!