And the winner is...

Deb from
Paxton Valley Folk Art! 
Congratulations, Deb! 

I will just need your address
this and more will be heading your way.

Thanks everyone for entering,
I tried to get around to commenting on each entry
but in the end,
got busy at work
and I think that I missed some of you. 
I hope to drop in and visit those of you with blogs real soon!
Thanks again,
and watch for another one in the near future.

Now on to the rest of the post,
What I would like to call,
A Little Crafting
A Whole Lot of Crazy

First of all,
the little crafting.
These are an order for a local shop.

Finished them this morning.
Seventy nine of them to be exact.
As if
that is not craziness enough,
or the fact that it is Monday.
We will move on to the
Whole Lot of Crazy.

This morning
my MIL arrives at work.
Where I work
and my husband works
well. not really where she works,
although she does help out
Most of the time,
she has something crazy that will involve one of us.
Now for those of you that might say,
and some have,
"Really, you are going to put this out there where she can read it?"
Just know this.
I told her I was going to tell this story.
So back to this morning.
It is Monday.
Did I mention that already?
Calls to return,
Deposits to be made.
Weekend mail.
Weekend emails.
Bills to be paid.
Orders to write up.
A week to organize.
When I hear Jenn say
as she looks out the window.
"Uh Oh, the mother ship is coming."
It is 9:30

I leave my office and head out into the shop,
(the driver of the mother ship)
who is now firmly placed at the shop table,
papers and whatnot spread out around her,
"Cathy, I need your help."
Click my heels,
twitch my nose,
wiggle my ears,
blink twice

I am still not invisible.
Out of the chaos on the table,
she lifts her checkbook.
One last blink,
fold my arms in front of me and
nod my head
I Dream of Jeannie
and yes,
I am still there.
I grab the checkbook,
that I recently
(four days ago)
and ask,
"What could the problem be?"
she apparently doesn't know how to enter checks
when it is done neatly and totaled
in her world,
it works better
if you write in some of the checks,
but not necessarily who you wrote them out to,
of for how much,
less of the deposits,
don't total anything,
highlight a few things with yellow highlighter,
draw circles around other things
then call your daughter in law if it bounces.

So far, so good.
I add in the checks, get a new total,
tell her that from now on,
don't touch her checkbook,
that we will just continue
to have this quality time together once a week
and work on her checkbook.
and then

She says,
"I have one more thing that I need you to do."
it is
She pulls out a black, lacy bra.
And just for the record...
My MIL is not a 32 A cup.
Just so you know.
And tells me that she can't adjust the straps.
I calmly adjust the straps
and wonder....
"How many self-employed 53 year old women
are adjusting the shoulder straps
of a not real tiny
black lace bra
that belongs to their
Mother in law
on a

Now that is a whole lot of crazy.


ROFLMBO, Cathy you are so funny!! I can just see you, adjusting that bra, I'm sitting here laughing till I'm crying. And thank you SO MUCH for picking me as your winner, I am tickled pink to have one of your wonderful paintings! Sending you my info now, thanks again for the giveaway gift AND for the Monday laugh, love your blog!! Deb
Catherine said…
I can't stop laughing!! Hope your day got better!
Vicky said…
LOLOL! This just made me crack up!! Congrats to Deb! She's a lucky Gal!
Barb said…
First before I hyperventilate from laughing so hard...Congratulations Deb on the Win!
Cathy, I had to read this to my husband whois down here doing taxes and I thought he was going it loose it!
TOOOO Fun and Funny!
P.S. Thanks for the great giveaway!
Sheila said…
I am laughing so hard picturing all this! You need to come up with a code and put it on the top of your page if the contents of the post might be a "depends" moment for some of your readers! Just say'n.

Congrats to Deb! (was I the #3?) Dang, story of my life.......

Oh, btw, love all those signs!
Hope your evening is "un-eventful."
Crafts By Jodi said…
Cathy thank you for the laugh! I needed that!
Congrats to deb!!!
Hope your Tuesday is better!
Congrats to Deb.
Not just Tues, but I'm wishing the whole week better for ya!!!! I just can't imagine!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!(there's probably going to be a story there!!!)
Yippee for Deb (was that MY name next???) I'm glad she won! Thanks again for a wonderful giveaway.
Angie Berry said…
Congratulations Deb!!

Holy Moly girl! 79 signs?? Oh my goodness, LOLOL!! Yep, that is a whole lot of craziness! It must be fun to live in your world, hehe! =]
ROTFLMAO!My MIL is in Florida and I'm in Massachusetts. Nuff said.
Congrats to Deb for the giveaway win.
And thank you Cathy.
TheCrankyCrow said…
Ya know, I think you have some kind of special (as in crazy-special) karma thing going on....I can truthfully say I've never been asked to adjust anyone's lacy black bra straps - let alone my MIL's and let alone on a Monday morning. You go girl... ;o) Always can depend on you for a happy moment - or two or three or more.....Congratulations to your awesomely lucky winner!! And thank you, dear Cathy, for another wonderful giveaway and another amazing gift of chuckles to us all....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
LOL at least the day made for some good laughs. :D
Kathy said…
Congrats to Deb.. too crazy.. gotta be a winner for a monday morning on the bra
Teresa said…
My Tuesday morning was started off this a laugh from your Monday morning. I will never look at a black lace bra again without laughing.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Congratulations To deb!
Thanks for Hosting another wonderful Giveaway!
Wonderful post Cathy! Thanks for the laugh. I neede something to cheer me up this morning and you have done it. i so enjoy reading your posts. Happy Valentines Day!!!!
frontporchprims said…
You make me laugh:) I love the signs, and now, I know who to go to if I need bra advice. Ha ha. -Steph-
Congratulations Deb!!!
Thanks Cathy for hosting a fabulous giveaway!!!

LOL ~ Loved the story ~ Never a dull moment with you!!!
Thanks for the laugh!!!
Prim Blessings