An Award and Saturday Projects

First of all,
Thank-you Tricia
For tagging me with this award.
in my case,
it may be
Be Careful What You Ask For
So here goes,
Seven Random Things
That Many of You Don't Know About Me
The YOU being Blog Friends.
Unfortunately, for my family and friends,
this will just be a rehash
mishaps, misfortune,
the occasional
1. When I was a teenager, I worked as a Carney.
That would be carnival, food booth, french fries, mushrooms,
smelly Carney person. 
My Dad thought it would be a good experience.
My mother had a ceremonial burning of my clothes at the end of summer.
My younger sister was never allowed to "experience" that.
2.  Moving right up through the years, I had a short career
as a demolition derby driver.
OK, Two demos, but I still have this burning desire to do it again!
3. I once, at a very desperate point in my life,
bought a house,
in a bar,
over a beer,
from a guy that was going to prison,
for less than most of you have paid for a used car,
then lived in it for eight years.
4. I have been stung by a jellyfish,
a stingray,
and am somewhat afraid to go back in the ocean
for fear a shark attack is next.
5. Bats and hummingbirds scare the crap out of me.
6. On my 49th birthday, my daughter and I hiked
to the Citadel in Haiti,
still one of the most amazing places
I have ever visited.
7.  My dream job would be to work for a high end florist
doing expensive weddings
and big huge
floral displays....
or work on floats for the
Tournament of Roses Parade.

Now to tag,
I am having so much fun reading these,
I hate to pick just ten people.
Please feel free to take this
and post your own
Just let me know in a comment,
so that I don't miss it.
What are your Seven?
Finished this yesterday.
I thought of listing it on my long abused and forgotten
selling blog.

But it really looks nice here on the floor in my bedroom.
if anyone wants it,
I could be convinced to part with it.

Another finish,
Bound for the attic
to season
until the
Fall Open House.

So much for hanging clothes out,
had to try some of these.

Mittens for bowl fillers
that have been sitting on my paint counter since
...well a really long time.

we have a problem.
I ran out of fabric!!!

on both of these.
That shop will not be open again until Thursday.
I sure hope that they have more of those colors!

Off to church this morning,
my daughter and I have the baby nursery.

Still taking the prednisone,
Still crazy


K'sKronicles said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning:) The Sublime Cupcakes are not quite as large as my own, and over the years I have learned some self Loved reading your 7 life experiences! I think you and I would have a lot of good stories to share with each other. What part of PA do you live in, you can email me from my blog...Isn't Tricia just the sweetest..! Have a great Sunday..!K
K'sKronicles said…
O I forgot to you make rugs? Are those rugs you ran out of material for? I need a new one for my kitchen and that is the kind I like...K
Teresa said…
Love you seven things. Come visit me sometime after Christmas and I will take you to decorate a Rose Float. They mainly do the week after Christmas.
Love your finishes. Have fun with those babies at church.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
TheCrankyCrow said…
Congratulations on the award! Somehow, I think your seven are going to be very hard to top...You have to be one of the most fascinating people in ordinary (albeit bumpy at the present time)skin. ;o) Love your little Americana sheep. I agree - it looks perfect in the corner with the other Americana.....Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Catherine said…
Wow! What a great seven!! Looks like you'll get to work on a Rose Float is you take Teresa up on her wonderful offer!
I loved that I learn a little more about you.

Have a wonderful Sunday friend,
I would have never guessed any of those things about you ~ Loved learning and getting to know you better ~ you sure are a fascinating person. Maybe that's why your posts are always so much fun to read!!! I wouldn't go in the ocean either!!!
Wonderful creations!!!
Hope you have a great day!
Prim Blessings
NancyD said…
You are truly one of the most interesting people that I have ever read!! Love your post (as usual) but you neglected to add that you are obviously related to the Energizer Bunny!!! LOL How DO you manage to fit so much into your busy life???
Well I absolutely loved your 7 things....HOW INTERESTING and FASCINATING...this has been fun.
I'm on the list so I had better get posting huh??
How come the 7 things you did in life already, didn't surprise me!!!! You have led and do lead a fascinating life and you tell it wonderfully!!!! Wished we lived just a tad closer. Although, I could meet you in Indiana!!!
Jody said…
As always you posts are simply delightful! Love your new painted piece! Have a great day!
Angie Berry said…
Your list is fun! #1 cracked me up! I can't believe your mom was okay with it, haha. #6 is really cool, how neat!! That was really fun learning more about you.

Loving all your finishes! I have some clothespins too but haven't played with mine yet. Yours turned out cute!

Enjoyed this post~