Empathy, Sympathy and Apathy

in other words...
"Been there,"
"Who really cares?"
The past 24 hours,
I have been all of those.
You see,
last Friday, I came down with a cold.
A nasty head cold.
Not asking for any sympathy from anyone here..
everyone gets them,
I dealt with it.
It is almost gone.
and now I am about to evoke all of your sympathies,
or most of your sympathies,
That's it.
Now all of you feel sorry for me, dontcha?
Now you are all feeling it,
Empathy, Been there
Sympathy, Awww you poor thing,
Apathy, well you might be feeling that also towards me..
and let me tell you
I have been having big waves of it,
that I am trying to fight.
Obviously, when they would do those career aptitude tests.
was at the bottom of my list.
Not only does blood make me very queasy...
I was out getting a cup of coffee,
when they passed out
Compassion for the Sick.
Well, at least,
Compassion for those with the Common Cold.
Or wait. 
Maybe it was...
Compassion for those with the Common Cold
Think it is the End of the World. 

That's it. 
I think I might have a little 
for those that are really suffering, 
for those that are suffering from 
something that I have already had.
kicks in for those with 
The Apocalyptic Nasal Congestion.
Life Threatening Sneezing
Terminal Hacking. 
Not there. 

He says he will be better today,
because he is stronger than the rest of us,
he will heal quickly because of that inner strength.
For my sake,
I hope that he is right.
I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday, was my DD day.
I hit a few thrift shops.
The pic at the top is the result of one stop.
Not sure what I am going to do with the baby doll bed.
or the fabric.
The zippers were 10 cents each,
and I want to make
some little zippered pouches.

Now here's your tip of the day.
Never drink a large
Red Head Roaster
BOLD Roast
at 3:00 in the afternoon
you are looking for a
12 hour
heart thumping
That stuff is worse than Speed!
Not that I would know..
well who am I kidding?
I was a child of the 70's.
I might have experimented a little.
They really should have a warning on that coffee
the FDA should check it out
I was up until
this morning.
Too bad
Wendy's is 25 miles away...
I think I might need more to get through my day.

The princess was here overnight,
so I quietly went to my sewing room
and did some organizing.

and cutting.

while I am on a confession roll...
The other day
I had a mouse in my sewing room.
I think that I told that.
Not sure where it came from,
or why it was there.
Last night
as I was cleaning out a drawer...
I found the poop.
Mouse poop.
and the
food source.
that had been contained in a Ziploc bag
for weighting the bottom of little stuffed items.
Now chewed through
and all over the bottom of a drawer.
I tell you this,
only so you can NOT
store your rice in your sewing machine drawers.

That's it folks.
Off to inject some coffee into my veins...
just kidding.
or am I?


annie said…
The mouse, that was the end!
What a more true post...lol
I think most of us feel like you do when our spouse get the common cold...
Glad you are over it - my husband is still dealing with his and it's going on 3 weeks now...ended up in the Sinus's...
You have been a very busy lady - what cute Owl's...I love your choice of fabrics.
Have a great day and I hope you found all the mice 'poop'. It has been years since a mouse have visited us and I'm hoping to keep it that way.
dee begg said…
Awww...too bad about the cold sharing....there did I sound sympathetic enough? If not let me know and I'll give it another go! I swear when my hubby gets sick with anything it's a world stopping event....needless to say his word stops regularly! LOL!

And the little critters....well aren't they just the sweetest to remind you where you left your weighting rice? We have the lil' darlings come visit us from time to time and short of getting a cat, they are hard to get rid of.

Oh and high test coffee...well let's just say that my family hides it from me....they say I'm way too edgy on it....I tell I'm not edgy....just full throttle.

Have a great day.

I have been battling a sinus infection for the last week...Working 6 out of those 7 days at The Nursing Home, plus household duties and dragging myself out of bed in the morning to get my son off to school, feeling like a bus ran me over. Does anyone in this house have the least bit of sympathy for me, Nahh!
I should know better with a house full of men, Lol! I hear sneezing and sniffles from the men folk, and Mom my nose is running, Mom I'm sneezing, Mom I think I'm catching your cold. Sandi, you got us all sick. Mom get me some asprin, Mom do we have any kleenex. Mom can I call in sick, I can't want to work today, I got a cold. Really? Sandi, i can't go to work today, I feel sick. Oh my word! I have no sympathy for them....Sorry for rambling. I hope you are feeling better. And I could use some of that COFFEE! I Love the owls. Hope you catch your furry little friend! Enjoy your weekend Cathy!!!!
Teresa said…
Oh how I feel better knowing we both must have been in the back of line when they gave our cold compassion. You just described me perfectly. My best friend is a nurse, I said you do the wounds and I will bake the cookies.
So sorry about the mouse.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Sheila said…
First off, sorry you hadn't been feeling well and second you are good for my soul! I can always count on you making me laugh or telling it just like it is with very similar cases around my house.
Oh man, when my hubby gets sick the whole world knows and it's worse than anyone else!!!!
Hmmm, it's possible you sent me a little more than you did in that box. I started getting a head cold on Tues. and have been coughing out of control, so you were kind enough to share ;-) Thanks! Won't hold it against you my friend.
hugz and sympathy~
frontporchprims said…
My DH has to be actually dying before he'll stop. I do have empathy for the mouse though. They are from the devil. I hope you get it soon. Ewwww. We had one chew through all of our Christmas things to give the kids. I was so mad. I love the creations you made on your "high". Have a great weekend. -Steph-
Barb said…
What a fun read...to much going on!(Caffine) Hope you start feeling better. All of you!
Wonderful post ~ I smiled through most of it knowing exactly what you are going through ~ nothings worse than listening to the hubby moaning and groaning!!!LOL
I just walk around the house and imitate him ~ that usually shuts him up for awhile!!!
Looks like you've been busy along with it sounds like someone else has been busy also ~ that darn mouse!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!
Prim Blessings
Catherine said…
Been there, did that...my hubby was sick the other week....ugh! Laughed my way through this post!
TheCrankyCrow said…
Are you sure we're not married to the same man??? Oh no - that's right - they're all the SAME!!! Bet yours can't find a dang thing in the frig either even if it's staring bug straight at him - and probably doesn't know, after 25+ years, where the spare toilet paper is kept either. Don't mind my rantings - just that Mr. Crow just happens to have the world's worst cold right now also that has never been experienced by anyone BUT him.... Gee...wonder how far the closest Wendy's is....thanks for the tip.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - this ranks among one of your best posts yet me thinks....)
How I love this post! You've nailed the man cold perfectly! I just recently gave my dear man the head cold I had and he informed me that he's never, never had such a horrible cold before in his whole life. I was begged to make chicken soup, find cold remedies, take temps, and then, after I worked all week through mine, forced to see him stay home to rest and recover!

I'm just still amazed he survived!
Or that I survived....