For those of you that think I am organized....

Check this out!
This is my sewing room.
Just so you don't think everything is
in my world.
My mom has me into a project.

It's a big one.
800 plus of these little circles.
Need ironed and cut out.

Yes, you read that right.
Eight Hundred.

Her quilting guild has me teaching a class on these.
I am ironing away.
I will see her this weekend.
Guess what she is going to be doing?

Get those scissors sharpened, Mom!

And another mess.
But, progress on the blanket.

For this little girl.
And now,
I guess I can talk about it.
Ever since this little girl was born.

She has spent one day a week with me
at the shop
during the school year.
She worked
child labor laws aside.

She sometimes looked like a little orphan.

She played with Logan.

She sat on the dirty floor.

She packed boxes....

She played with Gracelyn.

Sometimes she wasn't happy,

but most of the time she was.

She played in boxes.

Then she would ask for her silky and milk.

And she would sleep the afternoon away.
Most days.

Now her mom, my daughter
thinks that she should be in one place
every day.
I don't blame her.
But I am going to miss her! 


Kathy said…
awww..going to be so much quieter..and not nearly as much fun...
Sheila said…
You never lack for things to do, do you? "EIGHT HUNDRED!" You are crazy!
Wish I was one of those ladies getting a hands on lesson! AFter all, you're the one who got me started on something new to work on. ~smile~

Love the pics of those sweet grandkids!
Happy cutting~
Catherine said…
That's a lot of circles!
What a cutie! I know you'll miss that one day, but oh the memories you'll both have!
annie said…
800??? I got tired reading that!
I would love to learn from you too!

AAAHHGGGHHH, just too hard letting them go!
When I started penny rugs I bought a Big Shot die cutter. Yes it was $100, but it saves a ton of time and band-aids. :-)
frontporchprims said…
How sad to have your companion gone:( I bet she will miss you too. What a cutie. That blanket is going to be so awesome when it's done. Good luck with the 800. Hope your mom pays well. Hee Hee. -Steph-
BurttBunch said… sad! She will just have to come spend the night at Grammie's!
Enjoy the visit with your mom.
Teresa said…
What a cute helper I am sure you will miss having her around each week.
You are so brave to show your mess because secretly I think we all look like that.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches.
TheCrankyCrow said…
So, do you really still SPEAK to your mother? Really! ;o) Sorry to read the news about Kendall - yikes....I treasured the time my mother could spend with my son - we were blessed for a short time to have her stay one day with Young Crow when he was little. The days I knew he was coming home to her just made me feel all snug inside. I'm sure there are reasons, but I hope your daughter doesn't regret this decision. (Sorry if I'm speaking outta line....but a crow does that sometimes....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Your grand daughter is adorable! What a great helper she's been too!
Love those crochet flowers for the blanket you are creating. Those colors look great together.
You are brave to show your mess, lol But mine is much worse. And no, I'm not going to show anyone! ;P