Forget that Stupid Phil

Punxsutawney Phil, that is...
when this is what we see on the way to church,
I know that spring is right around the corner.

Maple Syrup time!

In Amish Country.
A little farther on there were some
not so modern Amish
using the old buckets with lids.
high heels
and mud
some fencing
kept me from getting close enough to
get those pics.
So while there is no green in the picture,
those bright shiny silver bags
always let me know spring in on the way!

So in honor of that.
I am working on this bunny!

Still some work to be done
I just laid the wood pieces on it for a pic.

And this little sheep cabinet
for my daughter.

And some little recipe clips.

Yesterday afternoon was so nice,
my morning walking friend and I decided to go on an
daylight walk,
that almost turned into a
night time walk
when we ventured out a little too far.
I was really wishing that I had my camera.
Pretty water flowing down over the hills
in mini waterfalls,
Deer in the meadow across a creek,
Moss covered rocks and cliffs.
Two sweaty, middle aged women,
nervously laughing at the stupidity of heading
that far out and not telling anyone
what direction they were going.

Good Times.


Sheila said…
At first I was really trying to figure out what was in the tree!?!
It's been aloooong time since I've seen sap buckets hanging from the trees in my old NH home. Still miss it after all these years!
I thought it was a bunch of helium balloons that landed in a tree. lol
Your walk sounded great but like we used to tell the kids "we need to know where you are!"
Have a great week~
Teresa said…
Glad to hear you two made it home safely.
I hope your spring prediction is right.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Laurie said…
I just love this post! There is nothing nicer than enjoying God's beautiful world on a nice long walk! We haven't been out to see the sap run yet, but want to before the time passes. Your work is just lovely!! Thanks for sharing! Blessings - Laurie
I too, was wondering what was in the trees. i never seen bags used to collect syrup before. I only ever seen pails. Interesting. Sounds like you's had a nice time on your walk. Glad to hear you made it back safely.
LOVE your new paintings....they are so wonderful. I think you should make patterns and sell them for your paintings. Did you ever think about this? I would buy one of each! Enjoy your day, Cathy!

Sandi Allen
I've never seen bags, either. Just buckets. The bunny and sheep paintings are beautiful.
Angie Berry said…
How cool is that! I've not seen the maple buckets in person, but I love seeing pictures like this. I think it would be neat to see them up close and personal.

Adorable bunny! I love his little penny rug on his back! And the sheep is so cute too, especially those little recipe clips!

Glad you made it back home safely, lol

Have a fantastic week~
TheCrankyCrow said…
Spring must have found you earlier than it is finding Nod. I'm not even getting my hopes up until the end of March.....We've had some mild temps tho - and I know that's when the syruping is good - when it's below freezing at night, but above during the day. Wonder if it'll cause problems this year. Great - another thing to worry about, cuz this crow likes her maple syrup. Great new paintings - that bunny is especially darling...but I'm still stuck on the Americana sheep from your last post. Hmmmmm.....Smiles & Monday Hugs ~ Robin
Catherine said…
Yummy! I love real syrup!!