Happy Spring!

Well, not quite,
but I did get this finished and am going to once again
make a stab at offering items on my selling blog.
Bear with me,
I never really fully mastered what to do over there!

Come on over and visit!

New offerings daily?
Yeah, right!


Oh, it's beautiful. You finished it with the wooden eggs. I love it.
Sheila said…
Good morning friend~
This new spring bunny painting is awesome! Then again, all your painting projects are too. I'm getting ready to put out the spring decor and wouldn't ya know, it snowed late yesterday afternoon! UGH......
I still love to bring out the "pastels" for spring and Easter. Don't think I'll ever tire of those colors for this season.
Can't wait to see what's next!
Have a great day~
Your work is just so beautiful. Who wouldn't love to have it in their home.
Everyone's putting chicks and bunnies on their blogs lately - I think this gal had better get moving on to Spring...although the snow we woke up to this morning after 49 degree temps yesterday is puzzling - go figure!

Good Morning Cathy-
Another wonderful painting. I Love how you added the wheels, buttons and eggs. Makes it that much more awesome. Cold, cloudy and a dreary day here. Spring couldn't come soon enough for me. Enjoy your day.

Hi Sandy, thanks for the comment on my kitchen, it took some convincing too with Stush, men are more "if it's not broke don't fix it" type. One day I just bought the tape and started painting, he now says it made such a difference in there, he's now doing the beadboard around the bar:)

frontporchprims said…
The colors are so beautiful and warm. I love the wooden eggson it to give it some dimension. What a wonderful job. -Steph-
TheCrankyCrow said…
Awww....this is so sweet....Bunnies?? Yikes....I think there are still a few stray pumpkins and black cats lingering about here. (And we won't discuss Christmas....) ;o) Robin