How fast can you post?

Ok, I meant to do this earlier.
A couple of more finished projects from yesterday.
A spring towel.

two more balls for the boys room.
But this is what held me up.
A little unseasonal,
but real easy and fun to do.
Watch for the tutorial tomorrow...
or tonight maybe.

I was warned to be at work on time.
I have been going a little later.
the last three nights,
I have been there late.
Doesn't that count?
as I am typing this,
my phone is beeping.
What could they possibly want? 

It's tough living with your
co-worker/husband/thinks he's the boss person! 


Busy Busy Bee you are!!!

How's the wool thing? Better?

Carmen and the Primcats
Teresa said…
Love the spring towel.
If you show up late again is he going to fire you!
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Wonderful creations as always Cathy! I am working on painting sheep from your tutorial! if they turn out, I will share pictures, Lol! Are you doing better, with the wool rash/allergy/thingy??
Enjoy your day, cathy!!
Ann said…
I've always wondered how I could get fired from my job and be able to stay home all day. Maybe you could try it and let me know how it works out?! LOL. ~Ann
Christine said…
It seems to me your middle name must be Multitasker! Followed by Multitalented!
Love your new spring flowers applique!
Best wishes - for the job!
Lesley said…
JWS can't possibly fire are a valued employee/Dialysis driver, mother, grandmother, etc etc, need I say more.
Love your new pieces you are working on.
Les xo