How much fun can $5 buy?

A yard sale find from two summers ago,
these Legos
have been residing in the attic
since then.
Late yesterday afternoon they made their appearance,

to the delight of two little boys.

They sorted and built and played.

and so did Grandma.
See that bin in the background?
That was over half full,
for $5.
Yard saling at it's finest!
And when they were gone,
I vacuumed
and settled in on this.

It is laid out of the family room floor
much to the dismay of JWS,
I think that is where it is staying
until it is done.

A quick trip to Ohio on Monday,
another project started.
Two hours each way in the vehicle not wasted.

And the paintbrushes are finally moving again.
Two new submissions for
C and D
ready to be sent
for approval hopefully.
But they can't be shown here!

On to the orders now!


Oh I remember those days with legos. Our sons are 17 and 20 now but I see how much fun your grandsons are having and the best part $5.00 you can't beat that.

I can't wait to see your project you are knitting, I love the colors of the flowers that you made.

Teresa said…
What fun all those legos will be. Wonderful deal, love a bargain.
Glad you were able to use the car ride to get something done. Oh how we hate to just sit and do nothing.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
frontporchprims said…
Oh, Legos. How fun. I remember playing with those for hours with my brothers. My mother keeps them still for her grandchildren. Last month they took the whole lot of them and threw them all over the bedroom in big handfuls spraying them up in the air like rain. She just laughed and helped clean them up. I would have killed them. Your blanket gets more beautiful by the day.
Sheila said…
Lot's of imagination and happy playtime for $5! LEGOS are the first thing the boys pull out each time they visit. They come in, kick off shoes, toss their coats and off they go to get the Lego tote which gets taken to the coffee table and is center stage till the day they go home. They love knowing that they are playing with their mom and uncle's Legos.
Your afghan is coming along nicely!
Have a great day~
Oh the memories come flooding back when you showed the legos!
My kids would sit for hours building things ~ and how proud they were of their creations.
I always leave my creations all over the place just to show my hubby that I have been working on things ~ I don't think our dining room table is ever used for eating on!LOL
Happy Crafting!
Prim Blessings
TheCrankyCrow said…
That is a TON of Legos for $5!!! Holy smokes - SCORE!! And....ahhh....I so miss the Lego days. That was one of my son's all-time favorite thing to do. And his rewards for good grades, good behavior, etc. were always redeemed in Legos. Sniff, sniff.... Afghan is looking marvelous my dear....Happy Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
Angie Berry said…
Yep! That's what my floors look like when my little one gets the legos out. Just don't step on one... they bruise and hurt for weeks, ouch!

Beautiful colors and flowers! It's gonna be so pretty when you are finished with it!

Have a wonderful week~
acorn hollow said…
I love it,love it, love it,I am big on yard sale toys. You are right 5.00 and hours of fun.
Catherine said…
Ah yes, Legos....we have many of,them around this house!
Afagan looking good, but love whatever your making with the brown/gold yarn. Legos....Monica didn't take to those.

oh my is that going to be an afghan? love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
you got a steal for those legos! I do love me some yard sales...can't wait till the weather warms up for salin'
my boys played with legos for many, many hours when they were young. Now my grandsons play with the same tote full plus the new ones they get for holidays! they are the best invention ever......