Just Saying

                                                Well to start with,
Is Google not allowing pictures?
I can't load them to here,
or not to Picasa either,
Oh well.
Today was a thrifting day.
I had to be the Dialysis Driver today
on short notice
with no plans,
I went thrifting.
oh, the things I found.
But that will have to wait.
A couple of life observations this week.
First of all,
I always say that I will never have a
Jesus Loves Me...or You
license plate
on my car.
Reason why? 
One time
at work
a person pulled into our yard
and spun and tore up the yard
and left and didn't apologize
or offer to fix it.
He had a
Jesus Loves You
license plate.
You should not mention Jesus if you are going to do things like that.
I know MY driving skills.
Just Saying.
that is not the only reason.
Today was a good example.
I keep telling JWS that if I make it through my
dialysis driving days
physically strangling
one of the
medical transportation employees
it will be nothing short of  a miracle.
I pull in,
drop off my MIL,
start to back out.
and one of the county buses has blocked me in.
An entire half acre parking lot and she blocks me in.
I back up as far as I can
get as close to her without hitting her and she does not move.
She has a half acre,
at least.
if I had a
Jesus Loves You
license plate
the next move that I made would be entirely inappropriate.
I slammed the car in park and got out.
Without any words,
I glared
pointed to her
and then pointed to where I thought she should go
(in the parking lot)
she got the point.
She moved.
I think it is the prednisone,
makes me a little mean.
She deserved it though.
Just Saying.

And lastly,
while I am on this rant.
I had a customer that I would have equally liked to strangle this week.
This customer
has some big fancy churchy titles attached to their emails.
Sounding really important titles.
This person was extremely unhappy.
It was not my mistake.
in the interest of the saying,
"The customer is always right."
I took the
general not niceness.
If you are going to mention
Jesus in your correspondence.
You really should be
just a little nicer. 
But then,
maybe my customer is on prednisone.
Just Saying.


Why is it the ones who talk the loudest about their 'affiliations' are the ones who act the rudest?! Just saying! You showed great forbearance in not backing into the county bus, Jesus would be proud :O) As for Google and photos, rumour has it they are going to be rolling out something called Google Photos which will make us all drink the Koolaid and have to join Google+ in order to use. Perhaps today is the day? Heaven forbid they tell their users what they are doing, just saying ;O)
Patti said…
Love this post. Patti
lol. Yep... everyone must be on prednisone! FYI... that stuff make me Crazy!!!! Absolutely crazy!

Can't wait to see your thrifty finds!

Carmen and the Primcats
Sheila said…
What a day?!
Prednisone is bad stuff! My SIL was on it for stomach troubles. Made him a different man; one in which we didn't like. Thank goodness he hasn't had to take it for a long time!

Sent you an email ;-)
Lesley said…
Wow what a post. I would have applauded you getting out of your car and pointing. Peeps like that should remember driving is a privledge.
Why is Blogger all of a sudden changing things, I like the way things are now...easy....more change means headaches etc. Wonder if Wordpress would be a better option....if we all leave Blogger they may get the hint. Just Saying>
Les xo
Blogger is really making me mad right now too! I don't like the new verification words ~ I can't read them and sometimes I have to enter them in 4 times before I get them right. I would like to point a finger at them right now ~ just saying!!!
Loved your post!!!
Don't forget count to 10!!! LOL
Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Can't wait to see your treasures that you found!
Prim Blessings
BumbleBeeLane said…
Thanks again for the morning Giggle.My dog is on the same meds right now and it seems to make him happier.Just Saying..smile..Have a great weekend!~Amy
I think you stated what we all think at times.
Oh I love what you did to the bus driver...way to go girl!
What a wonderful post Cathy!
I'm right with you on this one!
Can't wait to see your thrifty finds.
Enjoy your weekend!

TheCrankyCrow said…
Prednisone can do that? Well, well, well....now I have a reason! (Just saying....) ;o) Amen Sister - It does seem those that publicize (flaunt?) their Christianity are usually the worst examples of it..... Breathe deeply.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin