Long Legged Sheep Painting Tutorial

Before we start,
here are the warnings.
OK, that being said....
Relax and have fun with this.
I used:
#2 long liner
1/2 " glaze wash brush
#4 round brush.
Decoart Americana
Khaki Tan or Sable Brown
or any other beige.
Bleached Sand
Light Cinnamon
Antique Gold
Midnight Blue
Background color of choice
Blanket color of choice

Any long skinny wood item would work for this.

Measure out where you want the checkered border.
Paint that area with Bleached White and shade the edges.
Allow to dry and then tape the area that you want to remain white,
and then paint back over the tape.
Below you will see those steps from left to right.
Repainting over that seals the tape and does not allow the next color to seep under.
It makes for a really clean edge.

I painted the top Russet.
The bottom can be sponged
or distressed
and can be any color.

At this point you can cut a piece of paper for a pattern for the body,
and trace around it

just take a piece of chalk
and draw them in.
it's not hard
and they don't have to be any certain shape!

I paint them with whatever color I have handy.
These are
from left to right.
Khaki Tan, Sable Brown and Slate Gray.
While the paint is still wet and
without rinsing your brush,
just pick up some Bleached Sand
and blend a little into the body for a highlight.
Don't OVER blend.
Just slip slap it in there.

With thinned Bleached Sand,
make a bunch of little swirlies.
Twirl them both ways,
big ones and little ones.
Primitive not Perfect!!!

Paint in the blanket in your color of choice.
I used Avocado
in the interest of time this morning
and then used the same for the grass.

Highlight the blanket a little on the bottom
by mixing the blanket color and
whatever color that you used for the body.

The legs and head and tail and ears...
just black.

Stencil a star on the blanket.
make it your own with a painted penny,
glue a button on.
Be creative.

with either
Light Cinnamon
Milk Chocolate
float shade the body.
Add as many details as you would like.

And you are done!

How easy was that?

Do you even realize how fast you could paint these? 

and one final word.

Share this,
Paint these,
Sell these.
Whatever you want to do.
Just please,
don't take the instructions as your own.
I gave them to you for free.
Link this and send it to anyone else you would like.
if you paint any of these sheep...
I would love to see pics of them!


Barb said…
Thanks for sharing! Such cute sheep. And congratulations on Create and Decorate!!
Enjoy your day,
Tam said…
Oh my you make it look east I migkt have to try it,
Oh my I see the one that you sent to me!! Didn't you have this in C&D?
You make it look so easy...I may have to pull out my big clips that I've had for...oh....2+ years...
Thanks for the Tut Girlie...I'll post it on my new obsession-pinterest.
THANK YOU CATHY for the tutorial on your wonderful sheep. I can't wait to give this a try.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kathy said…
Love the sheep Cathy.. think I'll be giving this a try..
Have a great weekend..
TheCrankyCrow said…
Ha! I shall not paint, I shall not paint, I shall not paint. (Can I open my eyes now?) Thanks for the great tutorial my friend, but....unh uh....not going THERE again. I STINK at painting - and truly didn't enjoy it either. :o Your sheepies, though, are positively adorable. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin
frontporchprims said…
Thanks so much for the tutorial. I am the type of person who can't do anything without using someone else's ideas and then I need step by step instructions. This is so cute. Do you mind I pin it? -Steph-