Three Chapter Post

Chapter One
What Would You Do?
This is my grandmother's sewing machine. 
It is in really bad shape.
The drawers are missing under that quilt,
The bottom is pretty rusted,
and the wood on the top is in really bad shape.
JWS wanted it out of his garage,
so here it sits.
I am thinking of tearing it apart.
Making a new table out of the base.
A little cabinet out of the remaining drawers.
and a
lamp out of the sewing machine for my sewing room.
Would that be wrong?
to tear it apart that is?

Chapter Two 
How NOT To Start Your Morning.
This part has no pics.
you can be thankful for that.
Let me start by saying,
I love my mornings.
I have a routine.
The only part of my day that I have a routine.
One of the only times I have alone.
I get up.
I make coffee,
throw a couple logs on the fire,
drink coffee,
watch a bit of the news.
knit or crochet or sew.
and then
I leave the house and meet a friend and go for a walk.
That gives me almost an hour alone.
The only preparation for the day is brush my hair,
which really doesn't do much for it.
brush my teeth.

Here is how this morning went.
After trying to be so quiet leaving the bedroom,
despite the fact that I dropped both my pill bottle and my phone.
I come downstairs
to find..
JWS sleeping in my recliner.
Well, first of all,
who was I trying to be quiet for in the bedroom?
No one was even there!
I make the coffee
and he wakes up.
Wanders around and gets his coffee.
I head to my recliner,
which I will admit was toasty and warm.
He takes the remotes...
did I mention that is also the only hour of the day
that I get the remote also?
and heads to his chair.
Mildly pouty,
I pick up my crocheting
and start furiously hooking away.

He makes some comment about how many hours a day
that I actually do that "sewing" stuff.
I grimace.
But don't comment about how many hours of the day
he has that remote in his hand.
he turns on some program about bikini clad women
in Bora Bora
some other
equally exotic location!
"Turn on the news, it's not bad enough that you are up at this hour of the morning,
but you have to turn on something like that!
I am sitting here waiting to go out in that cold
to try to walk my A$% off
to stay remotely in some kind of shape
with Neosporin
rubbed all over my chapped face,
gym clothes that are end of the week ripe,
hair sticking up all over
crocheting like a granny for a grandchild and
you have the nerve to turn THAT on"
He knew I meant business.
I never saw his fingers move so fast.
At least when he sees all the crime on the news, he'll be happy to look next to him
and see me.
Fifteen minutes later,
I walked out the door.
I know what came on when I left.

Chapter Three
Something I Almost Forgot

I picked up the mail last night
and this is what I found
and thought
I might have something in this magazine.
And I did!
Even a feature pic on the
Table of Contents Page.

Rush right out and get your copy!
Tell them I sent you!
That's a joke, folks.
(about telling them I sent you,
but you should get a copy)
There are some great projects in there!

I just kept looking at this
and thinking
how nice they have been
to put my things in their magazine! 


BumbleBeeLane said…
The sewing machines are losing value unless in very good shape but if you restore it the value drops anyway.I say make it into pieces you enjoy,the sentimental value will be there for you and you get some nice pieces you enjoy.I don't like my mornings interrupted either but hubby seems to always have so much to talk about in the mornings PLEASE just let me wake up and get motivated alone.LoL..Congrats on being in the magazine! Warm Blessings!~Amy
acorn hollow said…
so from 3 to 1 congrats on the magazine entry. I usually get that when I see it.
My husband has been home for months I am use to him up and out before I even get up. I love my am time alone I am with you. Only my husband tries to help. Stop Helping!
I say do what you want witht he sewing machine it is beyond use and you would enjoy it more redone in ways parts of it will get used.

Good Morning Cathy
I recieved my magazine in the mail yesterday
And seen your pattern in there.
Congratulations! How exciting!
I think you should go ahead and make the sewing machine into the things you talked about.
You will still have the memories.
I like my alone time also. Don't get too much of
That at my house with 3 boys...two of them grown
That act like the younger one sometimes, lol!
And as for the man. We aren't on good terms at
this point. Enjoy your weekend Cathy!!!
Congrats on your project in C&D. Hope mines in the mail today!!!!
Do a makeover on the sewing machine.

Teresa said…
I say make the sewing machine into what ever you want.
I like mornings by myself also, sorry your was interupted.
Congrats on the magazine, how fun.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Sheila said…
Since I'm getting on here late today, I see everyone feels like I do about the sewing machine. If the value in restoring it won't be there when it's finished I say make it into the pieces you mentioned and it will still have the sentimental value right there with you.

OMG! I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything while reading about your horrible morning! LMAO~no doubt as soon as you left, Bora Bora Bikini's came back on! lol Mine would have done the same thing! Lois is right, "MEN!"

And I got my copy in the mail yesterday and I was so tickled to see one of your projects again! Showed it to hubby then pointed to the coffee pot you painted and he replied "NICE. You know some pretty important people if they have their work published like this. I really like that picture, the stars jump off the canvas!" This from a man who usually doesn't comment on decor items!!!! He must have had a good day at work ;-)

Hope that made your day since it started off so crappy~
TheCrankyCrow said…
You never fail to pack a ton of punches in your posts my dear Cathy. Let's see - sewing machine: I am equivocal....I, personally think it looks awfully good in that photo as it is displayed with the quilt and all...and I still get sick to my stomach when I think of the auction where they sold my great grandmother's machine (with drawers still loaded with her "necessaries" and I missed the bidding....(long story). But, if it's truly in that rough of shape, perhaps you're least you would have memorable pieces to treasure. As for your morning: 'Nuff said 'bout that. That's exactly why I stay in bed until "he's" gone. Chapter 3: CONGRATULATIONS YOU TALENTED THING YOU!! How many times is this now???!! I'm gonna have to renew my subscription....Not that I could ever paint like that - but I can drool with the best of them! Smiles & Friday Hugs ~ Robin
Catherine said…
Congrats on the magazine!!
You had me rolling about your hubby and the remote ~ I've been there! And if my husband is not home, one of my boys thinks they are in control of the remote!
You are a very talented lady, that's why they put your stuff in their magazine. Congrats. Not sure what to say about the sewing machine and I love chapter two.

Holly said…
I say go ahead and do it with the sewing machine. You will be so proud of the new pieces you have created that will carry on that precious memory. Sorry you had a bad morning. Doesn't that just set the tone for your day sometimes when you start off on a bad note? Ha! Hope things got better from there. Congrats on getting your work in the magazine. What an accomplishment! Have a good weekend!
annie said…
Wow! Congratulations on being in
C&D! As far as the sewing machine, I let go of mine years ago. I still miss it sometimes, but I don't miss it taking up space in the house. I'd cover it over with a quilt or something, keep it out of sight for a couple of weeks. Then see how much you missed it. If not, then I'd take it apart, and let go. Hope you have a great day, anyway. And a great weekend. Bikini shows are there just to sell I think. All goes out with the throw aways of bad days!
frontporchprims said…
Congrats on being in the magazine. Next time, you should try getting into a more "exotic one"....ha ha. With all that walking I bet you could:) That's a beautiful machine. I have no advice for you though. I really don't know myself. Have a great weekend, and hide the remote. -Steph-
Jody said…
Congrats on the C&D feature! Love your projects so I need to get out and get my copy! Have a great day!
Kathy said…
Aww I hate when "someone" disturbs my alone mornings... as for the remote.. I did touch it the sewing machine looks lovely with the quilt.. but think you would be happy with what you do with it too... Congrats on being in C&D again.. hope I can find this one..
Hope today is better...
Awesome!!!! I will be looking for you as well! Congratulations! I LOVE them they are the greatest! I am glad I found you!