Three Word Weekend

Finally finished this.

Girls, Girls, Girls
Wonderful Band Concert

Mail from Sheila.
Thanks so much!
Shelby loved it.

Snow in February.

Added more details

Painted for boys.

Three finished scarves.

A finished rug.
Pot of chili
for the week.

Tyler's Basketball Practice.
Dinner with Friends.
Laundry is done.
Church on Sunday.
A visit with
Kendall and Shelby.

A wonderful gift.

Three words will not work here.
Shelby wrote a book as she calls it.
Twenty some pages
of our/her life so far.
She gave it to my Sunday afternoon
I read it Sunday night.
What a gift.
So many memories
and hearing them from her point of view
was amazing.
I laughed.
I cried,
I will treasure it forever!

And now,
on to another work week!
Monday, here I come.


Ann said…
What is wrong with me? It takes me a week to do what you do in 2 days. You are such a whirlwind of activity - all the time. Love the basketball that you painted. ~Ann
BurttBunch said…
We had 7 boys at our house for the band. They were so polite & nice! Fun times!
acorn hollow said…
Great post busy week.
Looks like you had a busy weekend. Everything looks great. I love the snowmen paintings!
Sheila said…
Well Cathy,
sounds like your weekend was great! Love all your projects (you really need to share your energy secret with the rest of us!) Glad the book arrived and your daughter liked it.
What a wonderful gift she gave you too, so thoughtful and special.
Well, have a great week my friend.
Patti said…
Glad you got so much accomplished. I'm sure that book will become quite a keepsake. Patti
Catherine said…
Phew! Busy weekend! I bet the time flew by!
I can only imagine how wonderful it was to read that remembrance book!
Crafts By Jodi said…
Cathy you are amazing!! I love the new paintings! Now I need to get some work done!! Ha!
Good Morning Cathy-
What a busy weekend you had! You need to bottle up some of your energy and sell it, Lol!
I Love all your new paintings, especially the first one with the snowman, rabbit etc. and the one with all the snowmen. Again, your work is amazing. I think I need to take a painting class.
Your rug turned out Beautiful.
And what a treasure to recieve that book Shelby wrote. So Special!
Enjoy your day, cathy!

jennifer768 said…
Wow what a busy weekend.Love the new painted pieces,just beautiful! Shelby certainly blessed you with a wonderful keepsake.Have a great week,Jen
TheCrankyCrow said…
My three words: YOU ARE AMAZING! I will add: Holy Smokin' Cats! (Aren't I clever?) LOVE the snowmen....This is hard. Happy, happy, Monday! ;o) Smiles AND Hugs ~ The Cranky Crow. ;o)
I thought that was all your accomplishments for the week!LOL I had to scroll back to top and reread the title. O.k. now I'm pooped ~ Your amazing ~ I've been working on the same dolls all week ~ How do you do it??? Do you sleep??? When???
Hope your work week isn't as busy as the weekend!
Prim Blessings
P.S. All your finishes are Wonderful!!!
Debbie said…
I was reading over at Primcats: Prim Ohio, and saw the home sign that you made her. I was wondering how much you charge for those? I would Love one for my home. Please let me know either at my blog site, or my email.

God Bless~