Counting Robins

Those of you that know me,
will be surprised to see bird pictures on my blog.
I am not a huge bird lover.
They really scare me.
Well, to clarify,
not outside,
just inside.
For instance,
I can barely stand to be in Lowe's when they are swooping around.
Every now and then we get one in the shop.
I leave.
When it is gone, I come back.

in the spring,
my Mom counts robins.
Her theory,
when she gets to 100,
spring will be here.
My kids would always count robins with her in the spring.
and now Logan
is counting robins.
Every day,
he calls Grandma Shirley
to tell her how many he has.

He is beating her.
Yesterday's count?
Logan - 27 Robins
Grandma Shirley - 12 Robins

To be fair,
Grandma Shirley lives in the city.
Logan lives in the country
spends a lot of time looking for robins.
I think he is going to win.
He is ready.
I am ready.
I really want to not say these words again,
"Quit swinging that golf club in my office!!!"


acorn hollow said…
we have a tree that has little tiny apples one moring husband and I couldn't believe how many robins there were really there had to have been a whole flock. they were there 2 days and left I hope that means they brought spring to us.
Catherine said…
Oh, I do hope spring is here for good! Sure feels like it this week where I am! Good luck to Logan with the robin counting!!
Trace4J said…
What a cool memory he is making with his Grandma! I love it.
Hugs Trace
Sheila said…
Seeing a Robin is a sure sign that the golf clubs will follow ;-)
Hope things are better this week.
I love to hear the sound of the Robins in the morning...that's when I know Spring has arrived and even though the month isn't Spring...we have it here! Robins galore.

Balisha said…
You may have given me something to do now...count Robins. A friend and I call each other when we see the first Robin and then in the late fall, when we see the first Junco.
I'm pulling for Logan...
jennifer768 said…
Beautiful pics and a lovely way to spend the day...counting robins.Hope that they both reach 100 soon.LOL!I am ready for Spring.Hugs,Jen
Lesley said…
Yes I had to shake my head to see a bird let alone a robin posted on your blog.
Yes I think spring is here, lots of robins around here and I can hear a few others in the woods behind us.
I found the other item in the mail you sent, THANK you so much. I love it!!!Les xo
frontporchprims said…
My personal Spring starts when I see my first Robin. I am still on the lookout. Hopefully I see one soon:) Thanks for sharing. Robins aren't so scary. -Steph-
Angie Berry said…
Well I'm glad someone is seeing robins. I keep searching and searching for them but yet to see a single one. That's so cute that Logan is joining in the fun, I bet that's exciting for him to be beating grandma, haha!

Enjoy the rest of your week~
TheCrankyCrow said… do they know they're not counting the same robin twice?? See....therein lies my problem....I have a tendency to over-analyze everything. My mother always said that it has to snow on the robin 6 times before spring comes. So, I always puzzled - what if it snows, then stops, and starts 10 minutes later - is that the "same" snow or two snows? And what if it snows at night and I don't know it? And what about sleet - does that count as "half a snow"? Ok, ok....this is when my mother shakes her head at me and I get "the look" - probably much like you are doing right now. So I'll go now..... ;o) Robin