Hoot, Hoot

Perusing Pinterest can suck up a lot of time.
Anyone who has taken the plunge and joined can attest to that.
However, that being said, it is a great place for inspiration.
Had something like this in my mind,
for all those sample books of fabric that my Mom's friend sends to me.
So, above was the prototype

of course,
I had to get a little carried away.
My girls would say,
"Another manic moment, Mom?"
I call it
Stash Busting.

these were from last week.
Turning some samples,
 just stuff laying around,

That's it, folks.
I am still recovering from the weekend
of little boys.
I think that they wore me out!


Trace4J said…
How cool Cathy!
I love the owls and barrettes.
The colors you picked are so pretty. I am still staying away from pin interest but enjoying all the wonderful things you girls find and share.
Hugs Trace

Those are cute pillows, Cathy! Owls seem to be real popular right now. The hair clips are a great idea too!
Sheila said…
Great use of some cute fabric Cathy.
Love the owls, they are so cheery and happy looking!
I haven't heard anyone say "barrettes" forever!!! It's always "hair clips!" either way they are cute~
Hope your week is going well so far.
Cute pillows Cathy! And I Love the barrettes. Enjoy your day!

Angela said…
Those owl pillows will be so cute. I am seeing Owls everywhere lately. Love the barrettes too. Will look so cute on little girls. Have a great week
frontporchprims said…
Those Hoots and barrets are so cute. I love inspiration. Hummm.....maybe I should stash bust and make something for my girls too. -Steph-