I Have An Idea!

Words that manage to strike fear in JWS.
I think he is learning to deal with it.
I think he is learning to embrace it.
I think he is learning to LIKE it!
But, I am sure he is not going to admit it.
A lot of discussions/arguments start around here with those four words.
Often they are followed by
six more.
2. Me
3. Out
4. Before
5. You
6. Yell
So with that said.
The afghan above is the hint to the new "idea."
You are going to have to wait to have that one revealed.
The second hint?
It is bigger than a breadbox.
OK, one more...
It is bigger than a Volkswagen.
Got you thinking now, don't I?

These are two of my weekend visitors.
If you remember last week it was four girls.
This weekend three boys.
See Logan's position?
Papa has that same look when
I have an idea.

And then there was this one...
I wanted these upper cabinets gone.
Unfortunately, I don't have a before pic that I can find.
Two cupboards were here.
They blocked the room.
People tended to congregate in my kitchen
and jam it up.
I am hoping that this will alleviate that traffic jam.
And I love it!
Why didn't we do that sooner?

My Mom taught me years ago that
you have to wait for men to think
that it is their idea.
She was so right!


Catherine said…
Very funny post! Great way to start my Sunday morning with a laugh!!
Ann said…
Cathy, I was thinking that JWS and KMF must be long lost twin brothers, until I got to the end of your post and laughed at what your mom said about waiting for men to think it was their idea. I wanted "antique" nails in our kitchen floor. The floor that KMF made - he spent many, many hours on this floor. Starting with raw boards, putting in tongue and groove, figuring out the arrangement, etc. "There's no way you are going to put nails in this floor after I made it look perfect". After several weeks, he said I could put them in. He just needed to come around to my point of view!

Love the kitchen without the cupboards - I can "see" how it looked before and I'm sure you are loving the open look now.

Have a good weekend. ~Ann
Teresa said…
I can't wait to see what your big idea is.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
jennifer768 said…
Kind of sounds like my house!LOL! Love the kitchen.Yep your mom was right ...they do have to think it was their idea.Have a great day,Jen
Patti said…
Bigger than a Volkswagen???? LOL I've got to see that!!!! Love the new look in the kitchen, really opens it up. Patti
Good Morning Cathy! I Love the new look of your kitchen. That has to be quite a change. Sounds like you got quite an idea if it's bigger than a volkswagen. I'm guessing from your clues that it's a large afgan that you are making for a new bed that you are getting! Am I right, Lol! I guess I will have to wait and see. Enjoy your day, Cathy!!

acorn hollow said…
Can't wait to see the surprise.
That baby's face it soooo cute.
Oh my, that is going to be a LOT of crocheted squares! Can't wait to see what your wonderful new idea will be and I'm sure your DH will agree that you are absolutely BRILLIANT when it's done! Love the picture of Logan, he does not look impressed! And the kitchen looks wonderful with the upper cabinets done, amazing how such a small change can make such a huge difference? Great idea that your HUBBY had!
Oh just such a fun post as always...
What an adorable photo of the kids!
Lesley said…
Bigger than a Volkswagen, hmmm you have many grandchildren now, I wonder if it is a huge wall hanging with something to do with your grandkids. Is there a prize involved??? LOL just kidding.
Love the cupboards out, really opens that area up now and you don't have to duck under to talk to the person on the other side.
Looks like you have quite the full weekend.
BTW did you get my last email, I found what you originally were asking about and I have 5, if you still want some or all let me know. They are all Sheep!!!!
Les xo
frontporchprims said…
Lol!!! Don't all their ideas they come up with sound a lot like our own? How fun to have all those wonderful visitors. Can't wait to see what your great idea is .