One Pair of Jeans

One well worn pair of jeans,
(well actually I split the butt out of them,
but we aren't going there)
Eight thrift shop zippers,
leftover fabric from baby shower favors,
two mornings sitting in the sewing room
before going to work.
And this is what you have.

Lined with co-ordinating fabric.
Fun project!

These cute little items
are from my friend Lesley

I had asked her about the sheep that are pictured below
for a friend of mine that likes sheep.
She not only sent all the sheep she had...
but these cute little additions to the package.

She is so creative.

And here are the sheep.

There is a little wrinkle to the story.
You will have to wait until we iron it out to hear more about it.

Aren't these adorable? 
I love them!


Christine said…
Never mind splitting the butt out of the jeans - you must have worked your butt off to make so many in two mornings!! Great job! I'm envious of your energy!
The sheep are so much fun too!
Best wishes
Teresa said…
What a clever way to recycle those old jeans.
Love the lambs, very cute.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
annie said…
just love it all!
What a clever idea to recycle and use up odds and ends!!!
Adorable sheep!
Prim Blessings
frontporchprims said…
What fun zipper pouches. My girls would each love one in their Easter baskets. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. -Steph-
Lesley said…
Hmm a wrinkle to the story, I wonder what that could be, you got me wondering did I do something or send the wrong thing???? They are cute those sheep aren't they?
Wow those little purses are so cute. I cannot believe how fast you do all these things. Clever and you too are very creative.
Les xo
Tam said…
love the sheep, where can I get the pattern???
Oh my those little zipper pouches are adorable!! love them.
Angie Berry said…
Oh my goodness, how sweet! Love those! I love how you lined them with coordinating fabric too, such detail.

Adorable sheep! I have one very similar that a prim blog friend made but it doesn't have a cute little blanket.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend~
SweetPepperRose said…
Love all of your denim projects! this is very cute!
mysweetcountry said…
Love the sheep!! Please post where I can purchase the pattern. Thanks!!!! :)
Merry said…
I'm interested in the sheep pattern also. Please let us know! I pinned this to keep track-