The Start of a Saturday

This is how I like to start a perfect Saturday.
Coffee and a list.
Organizing my day.
So much laid out ahead to do.
Projects to finish,
cleaning that needs done,
starting something new.
A list.
I love a list.
Crossing things off as they are finished,
nothing looks better than to have it done!
A sense of accomplishment.

Today though,
it comes with a sharpened perspective for me.
What is really important?
Instead of rushing headlong into this list,
I am deciding what has to be done?
what can wait?
What do I enjoy doing?
reminding myself to take my time
doing it.
Savor the moments,
All of them.
Don't get annoyed at the interruptions.
Embrace them.
Choose what it really important
minimize what is not.

So, it is with a heavy heart I start my day.
Friends of ours received devastating news this week.
In a family that has had more than they should bear anyway,
I grapple with the "why?"
They have been beaten and bruised,
and yet
they are such an example
to those around them.

priorities shifted,
I will start my day.


Sheila said…
You are right, we don't always understand the why, but we need to remember that whatever is happening God had it in his plan for you, Cathy. You are needed elsewhere today and everything else will wait.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
SweetPepperRose said…
Love your post, so true and touching. Prayers for the family in need.

You're a lady after my own heart: coffee and list making, although you seem much better at the cross off part.
Enjoy your Saturday.
Angela said…
Cathy, my heart goes out to the family who is suffering this morning. What a good friend you are to be there for them. Life throws stumbling blocks our way sometime. It is wonderful that we can bend with the curves. You will be blessed my friend.
Quilting "b" said…
We begin our days the same way. I love a list too. I just wanted to stop by and twll you I love your blog, it gives the gift of a smile. thank you
Lesley said…
I hope you embrace the day Cathy and I know you will know what is most important and what can wait. Unfortunately sometimes it takes bad news to get us back on track.
Big Hug, Les
Laurie said…
Oh Cathy, so glad you shared your heart. I just sent up a prayer for those in need you mentioned and for you. 'God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.' Psalm 46:1 HUGS!
PS: I Love my coffe. I love my lists and I LOVE organizing my day just like you! ;) I see there are many who have commented who are kindred spirits of the same!
Keeping the family in need in my Prayers.
I need to start making lists. I tend to forget what I wanted to do through out the day.
I hope you have a nice weekend Cathy!
frontporchprims said…
I am a list maker too:) A couple of weeks ago I was digging through an old box in the garage and found a notebook with a list of things to pack for our move to Alaska. That was over 7.5 years ago and we've moved back since. It brought back a lot of memories. Sometimes I find old lists like that and it's a journal of sorts. It's amazing what some people can endure and still come out being the example. Thier strength amazes me. I find myself counting my blessings.
Lois said…
HI Cathy.
Thank you for sharing with all of us. My prayers will be sure to include your family of friends.
I have no doubt that God will be watching out for them.
Isn't it funny how "lists" can be so comforting? For years I have made and followed them. I am sure that is what partially keeps me sane in my sometimes hetic life.
I do hope you enjoyed your weekend Cathy.
For now, please stay safe and I ask for blessings for you and yours.
Have a great week.
I love lists.

And I love to cross things off them even more!

Sounds like a great way to start a Saturday.

TheCrankyCrow said…
I come from a long line of list makers....but, yup - it just takes one incident to bring things back into perspective....and sometimes that is so very need. Hope the burden for the family mentioned has lightened....Hugs ~ Robin