Who's Responsible?

Seasons of the Heart.
That is who is getting the blame for this latest obsession.
Ok, Blogger will not allow me to add a link.
on with the story.
Monday night, after a trying day at work,
I came home to a lovely package from Sheila.
This pastel berry vine that was perfect around my Easter hen and eggs.

These lovely candle rings that I have an idea for, just haven't put them anywhere yet
because of this little goodie.  
This innocent little wool flower set off the tangent that I am blaming Sheila for 100%.
You see, she told me that she thought I could do something like this for my open house.

So, I tried this.
Made out of inexpensive felt.

And then,
moved on to these...

And then went crazy!
These are so fun to make
so fast!
The best part?
They use up some of the thicker wool
that doesn't work
real well for penny rugs.
The other good part?
So far, no hives!

And now for the bad part.
I have
sheets in the washer,
towels in the dryer,
the vacuum needs run,
beds are unmade,
baby toys need put away from the weekend,
the stove needs cleaned,
painting orders need done,
I am getting company this weekend.
Did I mention the sewing room looks like something exploded?

Wait, I think that I can get a few more done
before I go to work today!

On another note,
I did get the owl pillows done,
but no pic yet
and work is still progressing on the
bigger than a Volkswagen project.
But no announcement yet.

Tutorial for the flowers tomorrow,
because really
why not spread the obsession around?


Catherine said…
Ooohhhh.....that Sheila is bad!
Sheila said…
Oh, blame me if you want to, but I knew I put the wool flower in the right hands! lol Just don't blame me if the rash comes back . . . . .
Love those flowers!! Looking forward to the tutorial :) They look easy enough for me to make, lol and those pastel candle are so pretty, I have never seen pastel pip berry before... perfect for springtime :) Have fun getting all the things you need to get done, it never ends does it?
hugs, Trish
Hehe - What a fun post! Can't wait to see the tutorial...no...GET BUSY!
BumbleBeeLane said…
Hmmmm Just stuff everything in the sewing room and shut the door...smile..My hubby will do the dishes if I forget about them might work for you..Can't wait to see the tut.Warm Blessings!~Amy
Blaming Sheila for the obsession huh...well as I'd say God Bless her then... They are so cute!

Have fun creating more!!

frontporchprims said…
As long as were pointing fingers at Sheila, I must say, she is a very sweet and talented person. I love all your wonderful things. The flowers are so fitting for spring.
You have to watch out for that Sheila!! Lucky for her, we'll all let her slide 'cause we all know she has a heart of gold!! Very cute flowers!!--Jan
Loved the post Cathy!! Beautiful flowers and Sheila is right...she put the wool flower in the right hands. I do believe you can make anything Cathy!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a wonderful day!!