Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wool Rose Tutorial

These are the EASIEST things to make.

This is all you need.

Round the edges of the rectangle.
But really, if you have a circle,
that will work also.

This is not a project for those with OCD tendencies.
If you try to cut this too even,
your rose will have no dimension.
Make sure that you leave that circle in the middle,
you will need that later.

Starting at the end,
put about 1 inch of glue on the edge

and start rolling.

Glue and roll.

Glue and roll to this far.

Glue on the leaves.

Glue that flap down over the leaves...

And you are done, almost.

I didn't like that big flap, so I just trimmed it
and added a little bead to the center.

Now really, who could not make these?

The bad news, after yesterday's manic wool moment of all those flowers...
By 5:00 last night, I had two hives on my face.
Big sad face here!
The eczema is back.
So, I suffered through this tutorial for all of you,
and put the wool away again.
Then I made these.

Simple, inexpensive ACRYLIC felt.

And proof that I finished the owls.
Well, almost.
Last year for our open house,
I had made a lot of pillows. 
They pose a storage problem.
My mom, on the other hand also made pillows,
but didn't stuff them until the week before the open house.
Storage problem averted.

And some more work on the granny squares.

one more time.
Feel free to share these directions. 
I don't care if they are pinned or posted to your blog.
Just please don't paste them or pin them as your own! 
as always,
I love to see what you make.
If you make some,
please email me and let me know,
send pics
or the link to your blog where you posted them.

For me,
I am going to slather more Hydro cortisone on my face
and shut all the wool in the closet for now.


Crafts By Jodi said...

Cathy thank you so much for another great tutorial! Sorry you broke out in hives again!

Christine said...

Beautiful and easy! Thanks so much for sharing your talents!
And suffering for us too!
Best wishes

Sheila said...

I was afraid when I sent you that flower to figure out how to make them that the hives might come back. Sorry girlfriend! Maybe I should have sent some latex gloves-but then you might be allergic to them too!
The flowers did turn out great though.
Have a great day~

pammyjo said...

Those look too fun! Yep, you hooked me, I have to try them. Now where is all that wool I've done nothing with. Lol

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

thanks for sharing~

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Good Morning Cathy-
Sorry to hear you hives are back. On the brighter side your flowers turned out Beautiful and Thanks for the tutorial! Take Care and enjoy your day!!

frontporchprims said...

Hey thanks for the tutorial. With three little girls around here I am bound to be able to find a hundred ways to use these cute things. How easy. Sorry about the hives. That's awful. Hope they clear up soon.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Such a simple and wonderful tutorial. I think I could do those!
Thanks so much for sharing!
Prim Blessings

SweetPepperRose said...

I had no idea that wool would give someone the hives like that. I know it's itchy. I do have a bit of ocd, but I see the little variations help with "realism", plus I really like the "fake" ones. Still very pretty! thanks for your tutorial!

jennifer768 said...

Thanks for the tutorial.They may be simple but they are adorable.So sorry that you have hives.Hugs,Jen

Angie Berry said...

I see those gorgeous wool roses and think there is no way possible that I could ever make those. Then you show this simple tutorial and make it look so easy!

Sorry about the wool allergy, I know that is so hard for you. The owls are so adorable! I love those button eyes!