Hang on to your hat post!

OK, here goes.
I haven't been around for awhile
so there is a lot to tell.
See this adorable pic above?
below is what it took to get it.

Think we have a little live wire there? 
And finally,
when I got the "good" pic.
I had to crop it to remove the boob shot
that Dianna gave us all!

We had our Easter celebration on Friday.
Somewhere along the line,
I decided to make a favorite dessert
for each of my son-in-laws.
Friday morning
I made two peach pies,
two chocolate chess pies,
one peanut butter chocolate pie
apple walnut cake.
I used to bake, but rarely do anymore.
Jennifer didn't know me then.
She couldn't figure out where I bought the pie crust.
I guess that's a compliment?

Saturday morning, had me searching for an Amish to make a new awning for our porch.
First Amish Farm
"Well, uh, you go to the end of this road and turn right, go to the driveway before the woods
and turn right again"
Wave to the 14 kids under the age of seven.
(I really don't know how they do that)
Carefully turn around,
counting kids and making sure that none are behind my car.
Second Amish Farm
"Well uh, that would be Harvey,
go out this road and make the first right and watch for the
sign that says 'Canvas'
and turn right again."
14 kids, turn the car around.
wave, wave some more.
Canvas Sign
Turn Right
Third Amish Farm.
Find the right building out of the fourteen buildings on the property,
go to the door.
The sign reads.
I am not working,
I broke both my wrists.
It will be three months.

OK, didn't
First Amish Farm
know that???
I travel on out the highway to where I know is another
sign, following the pic above for quite awhile.
I really think that they need rear view mirrors on the buggies.
it is ordered.  

Monday night,
I had to do this.
Remove everything from the floor of
my paint room,
our bedroom
the family room.
JWS heated up leftovers while I moved stuff.
(That above will be an important statement to remember for later in the story)
Tuesday morning
the carpet cleaning guy shows up.
He walks around,
he looks at my nine year old,
never been cleaned carpet
and says,
"Do you have pets?"
I don't.
Some people might take that as an insult.
I should have showed him the first pictures in this post, right?
I told him that I have six grandchildren,
six and under
(Almost sounding like the Amish now.)
Of course, the carpet cleaning man sells carpet also.
I tell him that I will be calling him when Garren graduates.
So, Tuesday the carpet gets cleaned,
Tuesday night, I start to put things back
and that is when I find the contract for
Create and Decorate
and realize that I have missed an important
submission deadline.
(not only that but my taxes aren't filed yet,
but we'll leave that for another post)
My head was saying April 30th.
Theirs was April 1st.

This is getting long,
so I am going to give you the abbreviated version.
Wed AM
Start to pull everything together for a late submission.
The magazine, not the taxes.
Go to work,
After work,
JWS to fairgrounds to work
Yes, it is that time of year AGAIN!
I finish up at work at 6:30.
Come home.
Make a bowl of popcorn.
Nutritious supper, right?
Eat it on the run,
while I finish putting things away in the family room.
Pour a bowl of frozen strawberries and open the microwave.
I set them down on the stove,
warm up my strawberries and
finally sit down in my chair,
leaving the container of cheesy potatoes sitting on the stove.
In the middle of Modern Family,
JWS comes in from the fairgrounds,
goes to the kitchen
and I yell out,
"Don't eat those cheesy potatoes sitting on the stove!"
He ignores me.
He walks in to the living room
cheesy potatoes
and says.
muffled and mouth full,
bits of cheesy potatoes
"What did you say?"
How could you not laugh?

Four days old in the fridge,
three days in the microwave...

That can't be good.

The rest is pics.
A newly painted canister set,
Wyatt Proof.

Our sewing event at the church is this weekend.
Some dresses already finished.

And the I Spy quilt is back out.
I swear it has been the
four year project.
I am finishing it this year.
Before the kids get too big for it!

I need to post daily.
If you made it this far.
Thanks for sticking with me!


Angela said…
Morning Cathy, LOVE the pictures of the little one. Too cute. And my dear, you can make me so thankful for my dull uneventful life from reading one of your post!(LOL) Love the canisters and those little dresses. An I spy quilt, what a neat idea. Darbee Rae loves those I Spy books. Bet she would go bananas over a quilt. Have a great day.
Trace4J said…
Oh my goodness Cathy!
I am tuckered after that post.
What adorable granny's! You are blessed...I am still laughing over potatoes. too funnny. Hey I like popcorn for breakfast lunch and dinner!
ooops love the dresses too :)

SweetPepperRose said…
Wow, SIX under six, and they're so cute! At least your carpet man ARRIVED. I had TWO Cleaners, 2, leave me stranded with my furniture already moved! Talk about fuming mad! Your canisters are so pretty. You're such a talented, and busy, lady.
Cathy you never cease to amaze me and make me giggle...how fun you must be in person...lol
Love the 'kids' photos...you need to do a collage of all of them...just too perfect.

Ann said…
Love the whole story - but my favorite is JWS eating the cheesy potatoes! You are a good mother-in-law to make your the favorite pies! ~Ann
Diane said…
the grandkid picture is adorable, actually they all are-always one in the group who thinks posing is a form of torture.
Debbie said…
OMG, you make me tired, just reading your post!! God Bless ya!!! Oh those pies look devine!! The canisters are great too!! I have 15 grands with number 16 in the oven. How lucky you are to have them all together!!!
The cheesy potatoes are to funny!! Hope they didn't get sick!! LOL..

God Bless~
frontporchprims said…
I think I need a nap now:) How do you do it and then find the time to post about it all? Glad you had a lovely Easter with the Grandkids and the wonderful looking pies. -Steph-
Sheila said…
Well girl, another captivating post!
Love all those grands lined up on the couch, they are so darn cute........

and since I'm just now getting to read this post, how is JWS feeling???? OMG! I about died laughing when I read that cause it's such a "man" thing!!!!!
Hope he's ok though.

Take care,
Angie Berry said…
Whew, you wore me out. I gotta sit down and rest for awhile, lol. We have lots of little kids running around my mom's house when the whole family gets together and we always have to take about 15 to get one decent one, haha.

Sweet of you to do all that baking. Cracking me up with the Amish story and the cheesy potatoes. Oh gosh, I hope he didn't get sick from that, lol.
Hello Cathy- What adorable Grandchildren you have there all lined up in a row! Now that picture is Priceless! You wore be out after this post. I don't know where you get your energy from, girl! have a wonderful Monday!!

Catherine said…
What a fun post! Love the series of what it took! And the Amish story is all too familiar to me!