In Search of the Elusive Maryland Crabs

First of all, I must say that I am not sure where the last two weeks
have disappeared to.
How does time fly by so fast? 
I haven't posted in a week,
and haven't visited anyone in two weeks.
Hopefully this week will be better,
or slower anyway.
And now,
on with the story.
Several weeks ago,
JWS and I were watching one of the many food shows
that he likes.
Since the remote only fits his hand
somehow cannot leave
the bubble that must be surrounding his recliner
I am a captive audience
to whatever crap educational program that he decides to watch
most of the time.
This, however, looked interesting.
An island in the Chesapeake Bay.
Drum Point
and the BEST crab sandwiches around.
We were going to be "close" to that.
"Let's plan on going there!"
I said.
A little over a week ago,
we headed to the DC area for a one day open house
at one of our shirt suppliers.
We were turning it into a two and a half day trip.
We had not been away together alone in over two years.
It was to be an eye-opening experience.
Wednesday afternoon
had us lost somewhere in West Virginia.
The lesson learned?
Don't rely on the GPS on your phone.
How can there be that much of the country that does not have cell phone service?
a map
a local gas station
with some great directions
(while JWS parked as far away as he could and sent me in to ask
while he sat in the vehicle, head down, sunglasses on,
trying to remain incognito
lest he be seen needing directions)
and we were back on track.
What we discovered on this trip?
JWS, who could at one time
drive right through Manhattan,
drive a 40 foot motor home through downtown Pittsburgh,
a cattle trailer through Chicago,
hold the record for a 13 hour trip to Florida,
drive straight through to Colorado,
no longer really likes to drive.
while I like to drive
and don't mind driving...
it seems
that no one else
really likes my driving.
What a quandary we were in.
Anyhow back to the island
and the crab.
Thursday morning,
we head to the island.
At least three maps in hand.
Local maps,
Maryland maps,
Virginia maps.
It really didn't look that far.
Several wrong turns,
several tense moments,
a lovely cup of coffee
and the cutest little coffee shop
147 miles later
we arrived at the ferry to the island.
it doesn't start running until
A little homework here might have been a great thing!
I ask the nice lady at the marina,
while JWS assumes the
"asking directions position",
"Is there anywhere we can get a crab sandwich?"
"Sure!" she answers,
"At Cockrell's Deli,
they have the greatest crab,
nice place, on the water,
great atmosphere!"
she gives me directions...
only nine more miles.
Which turned into close to fifteen,
because of course,
we got lost again!
we find it and this is the sign.

It was Thursday, March 29th.

we ate here.
Cute little restaurant,
a couple of burgers,
I had to lay napkins on the plastic tablecloth to keep my arms from sticking to it.
It took two hands to lift my coffee cup off the table,
JWS found a rather large bug in his iced tea.
And then we began the 150+ mile trip back to civilization.
We did manage to find some cute little antique shops,
some thrift shops.
No great finds.
I thought everything was a little pricey.
And then,
Supper time.
we found this place,
All I can say,
was that all was not lost.
It was worth the wait.
If you are ever in the area,
you have to eat there!

Get out your GPS,
it is not easy to find.
You wind through a back road,
cross the railroad tracks
and travel  up a gravel road
between the tracks and the river.

It was amazing,
Great food,
Great Atmosphere
and the waiter we had
was awesome! 

so were the crabs!
Well worth the 300 mile search!

we went to our shirt company.
This is a pic of the warehouse.
It was a fun event
with tons of really good food!

We hit the ground running on Saturday morning and all of last week was craziness.
Hopefully this week
just brings "normal" crazy!


Kim said…
Just too funny! I have had a few adventures like that. "assumes the asking directions position"......LOL
Sheila said…
Happy Monday my friend!
I've missed you and your escapades but this one made up for your absence and another best seller entry!
I hope you have a great week. Been hectic and busy with MIL and her failing health, she's hanging in there but a rough last week. We had a lovely Easter at home and the weather was gorgeous which helped her spirits as we were able to sit out most of the day.
Hope all is well your family. ttys
hugz and blessings,
Angela said…
Morning Cathy, Wow, you had me worried there for a minute. So glad you and your mister found your way back home. Sounds like an "interesting" trip. Glad you found a great place to eat anyway.What is is with men not wanting to ask for directions. Sounds so familiar with my mister as well. Hope you have a pleasant week.
BumbleBeeLane said…
I'm laughing my butt off and reading this to hubby.He says Yep that's sounds like the trips you drag me on.LoL..Glad you did finally find some yummy crabs.I've been craving a good crab cake too.Warm Blessings!~Amy
You are just to funny!!
Then you tell us to get out our GPS to find this amazing restaurant ~ LOL!!!
But so glad you found some crab !!! and a great story to go with it!!!
Glad to hear you made it home safely!
Prim Blessings
frontporchprims said…
How funny!!! Glad it all worked out in the end. We love to have crab when we go to the coast. Yum yum. We crab for it ourselves and then cook it so fresh. I can just bet our road trips will be like yours when we get older and the kids move out. My luck is the worst when it comes to things like that:) Thanks for the laugh this evening. -Steph-
SweetPepperRose said…
FUNNY! What a trip! Sounds like JWS and my GTH are linked... no directions whatsoever! I don't drive well at all, so we would have been in big trouble! At least you got to see some of the countryside.
Catherine said…
What an adventure!
Loved your story !

Yep... don't cha love those restaurants where you stick to the table..

I just had that happen to me a couple weeks ago.. and the menu was sticky , too ! I had to go to the restroom three times to wash my hands !

Oh, I love crab cakes and anything to do with the ocean / water !

I looked up that restaurant and I wish it were closer to home.

So glad you are back, missed your hilarious adventures Cathy! Being from Canada I could have told you that there is MUCH of this big 'ol world that doesn't have cell phone coverage LOL! Sorry about trip number 1 and glad you found the restaurant and had a fabulous crab feed on trip number 2! So who gets to drive next time? Perhaps you could ply JWS with some cocktails prior to your leaving and he wouldn't care about your driving?! Deb
Oh Cathy, I have missed your posts and your stories. Glad to hear you found some Crab.