When life gives you popcorn,

Make Popcorn Balls!
JWS has been wanting a popcorn machine.
He has searched all the regular sources,
Craig's List,
Restaurant Warehouse,
Not just for at home,
he thought the fair needed one.
There was one,
years ago.
that brought back the memories
Don Pennington.
I am not sure how I met him,
but he became a friend.
Twenty years older than me,
but we both had a love for all things old
and primitive
and worn out,
long before
was popular.
He would dig around in old barns
and attics
and find stuff that no one else wanted
or even knew they had
and bring it home
and fix
and clean
and strip
and refinish
a treasure would be born.
He would stop at my house
and stop at work
and tell me to drop in his workshop
and see his latest treasures.
The original "picker".

He always had a project for me
I have to say that he was the person
instrumental in getting me involved
with helping at the fair.
Years ago,
two small little girls in tow,
we would head to the fair
to work on whatever painting
he would get me into.
a few days before the fair
he would show up with the coveted
gold passes for those same two little girls
so that they could have their week
at the fair for free.
So many memories.
back to the popcorn.
Don always ran the popcorn concession at the fair.
Some time,
no ones knows when,
the popcorn concession ended
and the popcorn machine
became a lost mystery.
It was sold,
It was given away,
It was scrapped...
until yesterday, when
JWS digging under the grandstand,
found something wrapped in black plastic,
and there it was.
The Missing Popcorn Machine.
He cleaned,
he buffed,
he ground,
Then he wanted to go to Lowe's.
At four thirty yesterday,
after I had managed to recuperate
from a night with two of the
we headed to Lowe's for some parts
(and some more cleaning)
here we were.
Not the greatest pic,
but this is one
popcorn machine.


We didn't have enough bowls to catch it all.

And the boys could not eat it fast enough.

The birds are going to love our place today!
Now the fair has a popcorn machine again.
JWS is happy.
And Don?
He would be so proud!
Not only is his popcorn machine
back in operation
done in the fashion that he would have done it himself.
Picking in a dark,
finding a treasure!

I could not have missed you more yesterday!


Trace4J said…
Oh what a wonderful treasure and great memories. New ones too.

How fun, Cathy! There's nothing like the smell of popcorn in the air at a fair, that will draw the people for sure. If you have a Sam's wholesale club near you, they sell popcorn seeds in a 50 pound bag!
Patti said…
One of your best blogs Cathy. Patti
What a Beautiful post Cathy! What memories you have of your wonderful friend Don. I can almost smell the popcorn now. How awesome that JWS got the popcorn machine running again. What a treasure. Have a great day!
Sheila said…
Just like every other post, you kept me till the end! Mr. Don sounded like quite a treasure himself and I believe you folks did him proud indeed. Now new memories will be made with the grandsons as I'm sure they won't ever forget ALL that popcorn! So glad that JWS never gave up finding a machine~smile~

Have a great week Cathy!
Catherine said…
Oh how fun! Loved the story!