Birthday Festivities

Not exactly birthday flower, if you can read the card.
Last Thursday was one of "those" days.
Dialysis Driver
Lots of moments that made me wonder about my sanity.
Finding missing checks, one month old,
when I cleaned out my purse,
Over 200 shirts printed with the wrong year,
not noticed until after delivery.
A board painted wrong.
All my mistakes,
nothing life or death,
when I went to pick up my MIL's prescriptions..
they were all wrong.
I guess if people in medicine can make mistakes,
t-shirt and craft mistakes don't seem so bad.
And after all that running,
I then had to ride another 150 mile round trip to embroidery class.
More on that later.
Like tomorrow.

JWS had the flowers above waiting for me.
And a bottle of wine.

And this came on Friday....

An arrangement from Sheila
What a nice surprise!

A fun gift from Shelby on Saturday, my actual birthday.  

Fun chip eating time with Papa.

And these two bundles of joy,
that totally wore me out,
causing an extended Sunday nap!

Another trip around the sun begins!


Catherine said…
Happy belated birthday!!
Happy Belated Birthday Cathy!!!
The flowers are Beautiful and I Love the arrangement from Sheila! Your grandchildren are adorable! Enjoy your day, Cathy!
Christine said…
Well, i'm exhausted just reading about the hectic pace of your life!
Hope you really did enjoy a lovely birthday!