Embroidery, Near Miss, & Hey, I painted that!

My Mom, Shawnee and I are taking an embroidery class.
It's a bit of a drive,
and at first
I just didn't think I wanted to do that after work. 
150 mile round trip
after an eight hour workday? 
I almost didn't do it. 
it's fun
and I get 
150 miles
of visiting with Shawnee.
Good times. 
 But, we have homework!
 Did I really need another obsession?
 So, I made all these crazy squares,
 and have been practicing stitches,
 and embellishing them. 
 Totally obsessed! 
 Perhaps that was what I was thinking when this incident happened. 
I got pulled over for speeding. 
Those who know me, 
know I drive too fast.
under the radar
unlike JWS
I have no tickets.
He has lots,
and lots,
and then some more. 
Actually he has half of the Eastern Seaboard
covered for state tickets. 
I have none,
Some quick thinking 
and a quick text
I am forever grateful that my record remains untarnished. 
I really am going to slow down,
at least in towns. 
I had no business going that fast in a town 
and I am embarrassed. 
While I was waiting for the verdict though,
I looked over
and there on the porch,
to the left of the door,
was a tavern board 
I painted
many years ago. 

Of course, 
I got the lecture about 
why was I texting
and taking pictures
while I was pulled over by a cop.



Catherine said…
Oh my gosh! Multitasking at it's best! I am going to send you a link to a blog that I love! She is a great writer, photographer and embroiderer. If you like that crazy squares, you will enjoy some of her projects for sure!
Amber said…
Your embroidery stitches look awesome!
OMGosh that is just too much...I get such a kick out of you.

LOOOOVE your new obsession - hobby - craft ...whatever one wants to call it I love what you are doing with it. Yes, that is a drive but our DIL does the same thing for a pottery class twice a week no less!!!!!

Don't you wish you would have gone up to the house to see just who these people were that purchased your sign??? How could you not.

Denise said…
Maybe you were meant to see your tavern board?! Care to share what you said to the cop? Your stitches are amazing - way to learn something new!
acorn hollow said…
Looks like a crazy quilt in the making. you are funny texting and taking pictures. glad you got by with no ticket.
Yes, We do have to Multi-task, Lol! By the looks of it, I think embroidering would be quite addicting. You are doing a wonderful job! I've been pulled over a few times too, and Thankfully no tickets. I keep telling myself I need to slow down! Have a wonderful day Cathy!

Balisha said…
A new project...that's just what you need :) Your stitches are so pretty. I've been scouring Amazon for embroidery pattern books...anything I can find so I have some hand work to do while watching TV or just sitting on the porch. I've done quite a bit in past years and after finishing a wedding sampler last year...I'm looking for another project. Keep up the good work and show us more please.
Beautiful new hobby!!!
Your doing a wonderful job!
Of course that's what us women folk do ~ multi task!!!
Glad you didn't get a ticket!
Slow down and smell the roses they say!
Prim Blessings
BumbleBeeLane said…
Love the crazy squares.Funny when you see your work while out.I've came across my things a few times and sometimes even find it at yardsales.LoL.Speeding..hmmm how does that saying go? He who is innocent cast the first stone.Let's just say I won't be casting any stones but have been lucky as I've never been pulled over.Warm Blessings!~Amy
Ann said…
That is a long drive for embroidery, but OH WOW your pieces are amazing. I'm really liking the daisies with the bead center. Glad you didn't end up with a ticket - that would have cut into bead/embroidery $$!

frontporchprims said…
Beautiful squares. This is a really funny story. Isn't it amazing how life works out sometimes. You get pulled over in the exact spot that someone has a sign you painted years ago by thier door. Amazing. Hope you show us some more of your wonderful stitches.
Barb said…
Well Cathy I have the western seaboard covered in speeding tickets! I never have had your luck and gotten out of one-way to go!
Love your new "hobby"!
I can't believe you didn't know how to embroider. Glad you didn't get a ticket. But look who's talking here...ole leadfoot herself!!! lol I've seen a piece of my work in GW!!!!