Ahhhh, Summer

Loving it!
Outside sitting spaces,

Tons of flowers,

A little embroidery,

Some painting.

And some knitting.

Along with a lot of

But all fun!

As a side note,
the painting was for friends that are redoing a room.
He is a plasterer and does ornamental plaster work.
I have been on mission trips with him,
but have never been to their house.
They asked about colors for a room that they are doing
and I told them that if they brought a sample of the plaster to me,
I would paint some "ideas" on it.

The perk for me?

I got to visit their home last Sunday

It was so interesting!
It made me want to rip all the drywall out of my house and start over,
we all know that is not going to happen!


Sheila said…
Well, I've been wondering what you've been up to; as usual lots of projects. At least you've been getting to sit in one of those chairs and not just look at them!
Hoping to get back in the swing of things myself, real soon.
Amber said…
Your porch looks so cozy! I've been wanting to put a lamp out on one of my porches but we get so much wind here that I can't find a place that would be sheltered enough by the elements!
Ann said…
For me summer means endless running my children to various practices and games. Plus the mountains of laundry created in a day at this house. I'm just happy that I'm off in the summer with them - not sure how I'd manage it if I was working.

Your stitching pieces are very intriguing. Thanks for sharing them. Ann
frontporchprims said…
Your summer looks relaxing. I love the matching rockers on your porch. Someday I will have one:) Who knows? Maybe you will get the itch and a little crazy and have your neighbor help you redo your walls!! Have a great weekend. -Steph-
Angela said…
There are 2 rockers. Could I please come and share one with you? I would so love to learn to knit. I can crochet but have always wanted to knit. Can I learn and talk at the same time? Would be such a fun visit. Have a wonderful weekend.
Summertime = lots of yard work, overgrown flower beds, lawn mowing, and one 11 yr. old that has been out of school for only 2 weeks and is bored, Lol! That Porch looks soooo relaxing. Love the chairs. Have a wonderful weekend Cathy!

Holly said…
Can I come and sit with you? What a cozy spot!
SweetPepperRose said…
Love your rockers and how they are painted! We have a small porch where ours are and they get way too dirty to be painted in such a pretty way - we have to wash them a few time a year with a bleach solution - that'd ruin any pretty paint job!