Once again, I have something like 47 projects started,
nothing finished.

it is time to finish some projects.
Pillows above,
I think I have 5 or 6 more of those started.
And these flags...
just started on Saturday,
I had four more waiting to be done.

This apron,
I started a month or so ago.

And this tangled up mess on my sewing table...

is a stash busting project.

My mom showed me one that she was making

and I just had to START that also. 
just a block a day for let's just say two weeks
should finish that up.

Hope that everyone has a great week.
Mine is wide open for the first time in weeks.

I am loving it!
Nothing like a blank calendar!


Sheila said…
Good Morning!
I'm catching up here and trying to put together a post but blogger keeps giving me fits! Posting comments has been a hair pulling experience so early in the morning too!
Hope you get to work on more projects during your "blank" slate of a week! Hah, you know you just jinxed yourself, right? Cute little toe I see poking out of your flag pic ;-)
Well, back to attempting my post!
hugz and blessings~
Ann said…
Do you remember a few years back when you won my Procrastinator's Challenge? I'm reading this post and inserting my own unfinished projects in place of yours. Are you up for a little friendly competition? How many can we have done by say, Friday? ~Ann
I think that is part of crafting..having lots of projects going at the same time. I really love the pillow and admire people that quilt If I have to match more than 2 or 3 colors my brain really gets confused. So I will just stick with making doll.
Have a really great day!
Good Morning Cathy! Oh my! You sound like me, Lol! I have so many unfinished projects, uuugh!
Work has been kicking my butt lately with difficult residents and families. Then add in some problems at home...I just don't want to get out of bed! Good to hear from you! I miss reading your posts! Have a wonderful day!
frontporchprims said…
At least you aren't bored:) My little girls have aprons in that exact same fabric. How funny!! I like your stick flags. A block a day keeps the you can think of away. Ha ha. Good luck. -Steph-
acorn hollow said…
wonderful projects I love the flags. It is nice to not have the week all taken up with appointments.
Kathy said…
lol at least you know where to start with the ufo's... can't go anywhere without seeing something not finished.. wishing you a blank week just hoping you didn't jinx
Trace4J said…
Oh my my sew room/house looks the same. So many unfinished things.
I need the not gonna start anything else till I finish this
You have some great projects piling up. The stash buster blocks are really great. Have fun!