My New Friend, Dixie

Where is my summer going?
Well, one night a week is spent with my new friend, Dixie.
I am here to tell you that when we first met,
I did not think that we were going to be friends.
She was way too "fast".
I tried to keep up with her,
tried to be just as fast,
but really,
I am just too old.
It was her or me,
one of us had to slow down
if this relationship
was to continue smoothly
and grow into a friendship.
I loved her speed,
it was fun,
a bit wild and bumpy,
but it was going to be a nasty break up if we kept up that lifestyle.
So we slowed down,
a little.

We fine-tuned our relationship.
We even got a few "counseling" sessions,
and now our friendship is growing.
We meet up every week
at the fairgrounds
and spend an evening together.
We are learning our boundaries
and beginning to work as one.

Oh we still have our battles
some I am embarrassed to say,
have become a bit abusive,
I am determined to make this friendship


Lesley said…
when I saw chopper I thought you were getting a new bike, foolish me. LOL
Sounds like this could be a love hate relationship, take it slow, it will work out. LOL
Oh my Goodness! Sounds like quite the machine. I could use something like that for my 3 acres of lawn.
Have a wonderful weekend Cathy!!!