Barn Raising and My New Job!

This barn is being raised at the fairgrounds
right below our home.
JWS is more than slightly
pre-occupied with all this right at the moment.

This is the view of it from our back yard.
It is a draft horse barn for the fair
and will hopefully be ready
for the fair when it starts in less than a month.

There are better pics on JWS' phone,
but he is gone for the day.
So how does this get a new job for me?
Well, I am to take pictures of the events of the day
for the local newspaper today,
I already have a job for the day.
Deliver my MIL to dialysis
deliver the invitations for my niece's reception
(pictured later)
to my mother.
So, delegation is the key.
Jenn, although she does not know it yet,
will be the official
reporter of the day.
I love that word!

while my printer was in the hospital,
I found this place.
Carnegie Antiques.
What a great little store!
Hot, but lots of cool items and reasonable prices.

I found these train cases and the pitcher.
My last one broke and there is just something better about
fresh lemonade from a glass pitcher.

Also found this place right down the street,
but managed to control myself and not add to the hoard.  
My niece's invitations,
all ready for my Mom to address this week.

just had to share this here.
I did put this on Facebook last week.
I had to snap this pic while my car was filling at the local gas station.
What a way to haul your boat!

And as a final note/question.
How many of you still have a gas station that has an attendant that pumps the gas for you?

We do here and I love it!


Catherine said…
Great goodies!
Gas attendants? Nope, not here. I remember when we paid less for gas, had it pumped for us, and they would clean the windows and check the oil!! When I cross the bridge into NJ, they still have attendants there.
Teresa said…
Love the old train cases. Are you going to do something fun with them.
Some one help you at the gas pumps in California, you have to be kidding. The attendants all sit in a small building where you talk to them through a glass panel.
Can't wait to hear more about the fair.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Holly said…
You're a busy gal today! Looks like a neat store you found! Love your new goodies. Love the picture of the buggy. How clever! Have a wonderful day.
Danice said…
No gas attendants here in northwest Alabama, either. I pump gas for my mother's car since she does not know how. Eagerly awaiting to hear more about the Fair :)
No gas attendants here!
Love the goodies you found! LOVE the picture of the buggy! Can't wait to hear about the fair! have a wonderful Sunday!
BumbleBeeLane said…
We still have a gas attendant at the family gas station out in the country.They recently built a big new building which detracts from the nostalgia.Warm Blessings!~Amy