Finishing...and Boys

Last week, I went on a tangent to finish some things.
A Hole in the Basket
challenged me to a race.

She beat me on Day Two.
But she was motivation.
I finished this quilt top.
A Great Stash Buster!

And this painting
that had been partially finished for weeks...
Oh, Ok...months!

And another sample for friends' guest room.
I like the right side better. how about you?

And a scarf that had been sitting about as long as the painting.

And Boys...
It is summer and Tyler and Logan are at work with us.
Five and Six,
they have been there daily for most of their lives.
Wouldn't you think
that they would know to stay away from the ink?
Apparently, hot pink t-shirt ink just looked too inviting
just begged to have a golf ball dipped in it.
T-shirt ink doesn't dry until 350 degrees,
golf ball aside..
I don't think that you can put little boys in a 350 degree oven.
or the bathroom sink
or the walls
or the carpet...
getting the picture?
That was yesterday.
Well today was used motor oil,
how inviting does that look?
And after it was spilled
dangerously close to
two well polished
apparently the thing to do,
is walk through it and trail it all over a 40 foot garage floor.
Easy to deduce which little boy did it.
a quick check of the size and pattern of the flip flop sole.
A little CSI training
and the six year old
found himself scrubbing the garage floor.
The problem with that?
(child labor laws aside)
is that a bucket of bubbles is
more FUN
used motor oil
hot pink t-shirt ink.
It is going to be a long summer
and we haven't even
discussed the expensive bulb
on the t-shirt printer
that got broke with a golf club today....


Lesley said…
It is going to be a terribly long summer. Is there no summer school at this age??? LOL just kidding.
Love all the things you are accomplishing Cathy. Not sure what that guest room sign thing looks like snakes????
Denise said…
Oops...what a fun summer! Good luck.
Ann said…
Cathy, I really don't think that I beat you! You completed a whole quilt top - I just stitched backings on the cross stitch pieces - if you lay my pieces out they don't even add up to a baby quilt! After I was done with the big baskets I started another cross-stitch piece and knitted a new scarf- both of which are DONE! Thanks for the motivation.

I'm getting a good laugh about the little boys! ~Ann
Hello Cathy! Happy 4th of July to you and your family!
LOVE that quilt top. So Beautiful!!!
Sounds like you have your hands full with those to little boys.
Take Care!
When's your book coming out???
It will be a best seller!!!
Oh my, the antics of those little boys!!!!
And the mouse costume in this hot weather!!!! Too funny!!!!
And turkey on this hot day!!!! Well, at least you'll have leftovers and no cooking then!!!!
Take care,