Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independance Day!

And in the words of the book that the kids love...
"And that is how Wacky Wednesday began."
JWS decided
peer pressure 
to cook a turkey
Fourth of July instead of grilling.

I made the stuffing.

and homemade noodles
(amid a five hour power outage yesterday).

And if that wasn't wacky enough...
this went by my kitchen window this morning.

Tom and Jerry.
Apparently our household is closer to
Independance Day.

Tyler has figured out that if he keeps his
body covered,
he doesn't get hurt as bad when he falls.
Halloween costume
fit the bill perfect,
even in the
100 degree weather.

Camera shy
also made an appearance,
but you know how those mice are.
I could not get the picture! 

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

Mine will be better when Shelby and Kendall show up
with the


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Pumpkin Pie, YUMM!
Looks like you are gonna have a great day! Happy 4th to you!

Raggedy Creations said...

Happy 4th to you and your family too.


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Yum!!! Turkey ~ my stomach is saying it's hungry!!!
Cute Tom ~ wish we could see Jerry!!!
Hope you have a fun filled day!!!
Happy 4th!
Prim Blessings

BumbleBeeLane said...

Giggles...Should expect no less from your pumpkin pie could eat a piece.Have a wonderful 4th!~Amy

Sheila said...

After all, this is America and we've been given that Freedom of celebrating any way we wish too! Made me chuckle again ;-) coming from you. Like Amy said, pumpkin pie can be eaten any time of the year!
Wishing you a Happy and Safe 4th!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

What a fun 4th & Yummy food~ oh, my them noodles ~ how cute in his costume/safety gear~ I just love the children's creativity when it comes to things~

Holly said...

Haha! You made me chuckle. I agree...I would much rather skip over the 4th and head right into fall! Loved your post. What a memory!

Barb said...

Our families should have been together...we had ham and potatoes!?!
Plus in 100 degree heat we had the "Men in Black" there with full on three piece suits and home made alien weapons.
It is good to know there are others out there like us!
Enjoy your day!

Balisha said...

I almost did the same...I was so hungry for turkey. I fixed a ham instead. Glad you had a nice day. That little kid looks so hot...

Catherine said...

Yummy!! And oh my gosh ~ too funny about the costume!